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There Must be 50 Ways of Looking at Mountain Goats on the Internet

Nicholas Bradley

Stoned, blindfolded, one
goat dangles above
a second, horns
sheathed, four
ankles bound
and then four more,
rhyming quatrains.

One goat is at the end of its rope.
The other is almost there.

The helicopter’s blades turn.
The helicopter turns.
The goats turn
and swing, a pendulum
of hoof and hair
keeping cloven time
and cleaving air.

The goats are not
on the Internet. I
am on the Internet
though anything
is possible
these days.

The problem is all inside your head, she said to me.
Just another click, Nick.

Then set yourself free.

* poem, in its entirety, is available in the printed version of the current issue.


Nicholas Bradley is a poet, literary critic, and editor. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.