Summer 2022 - Translating Lisbon


In the morning, my mind is dusty with sleep,
and my fiancée is barricaded behind pillows,
earplugs and a sleeping mask with painted eyes.
The city is budding outside our window
with this morning’s crop
of tourist storming the castle

* poem, in its entirety, is available in the printed version of the current issue


Joshua Levy is a Canadian writer who sometimes hangs his hat and heart in Lisbon. A former CBC writer-in-residence, he has won many literary awards. His work has appeared in the Malahat Review, Maisonneuve, EVENT, Vallum, the Puritan, the Rumpus, Véhicule Press, Mansfield Press, and Oxford University Press. He has almost completed his first novel (

Joana Avi-Lorie is a Portuguese writer, artist, and researcher living in Scotland. She loves working in the spaces between storytelling and resilience, watching wild birds, and chatting with her budgies (Instagram: joana_avi_lorie).

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