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A.E. Chandler

Winter 2020 - Translations

     I visited Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, because my father’s father’s cousin thought it would be nice to take a spin around the gardens – the gardens being out back of the castle – so we made a go of it. She was Princess Elizabeth before the lead face paint, and I was Lady Jane before the decapitation.

     Her English accent called it a quintessential summer day. I wished I’d taken Latin in school, because then I would know why people use the word quintessential …


A.E. Chandler is an historian and the author of Into the World, Questionable Quizzes, and the bestselling novel The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood. She was once kidnapped by a miller and locked in a medieval prison, but she’s fine now, a visiting expert at the Glenbow Museum.