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Guy Tombs

Fall 2021 - Uneducated



I went to the fiftieth reunion with my wife, wanting to confront and defeat these demons. At one point I asked a classmate from my year, always friendly over the decades, to take us up to the hall where I remember being caned – which he did. I wanted my wife to see this corner. When we came to the wall where the cabinet with the fishing rod had been embedded, the case was gone. The walls had been remodelled years ago …


Guy M. Tombs worked as an English teacher at Government College Sokoto in northwestern Nigeria and then completed an MA in African Studies at Birmingham University in the United Kingdom. On his return to Canada in 1978 he joined the family freight forwarding company, founded in 1921 by his grandfather. He has been using the self-isolation of the pandemic to brush up on his Russian, and to renew his acquaintance with Kant, Schopenhauer, and the Bhagavad Gita.