VOLUME 106 1999 - Content and Authors

Spring 1999 - Toward the Common Good

Spring 1999 Issue

Bowling, Tim.  Old Man Dunne (verse), 148-149
Bowling, Tim. Cemetery at Olds, Alberta (enroute to the Rockies for the weekend), (verse), 151
Bowling, Tim. The Last Season (fiction), 135-145
Ferris, Hank. The  Postmodern Brain (verse), 146- 147
Forsdyke, Donald. The Origin of Species Revisited, 113-132
Hadwen, Alden. Bathyscaphe, (verse), 73
Hoffman, Roald. One Asks (verse), 153
Hoffman, Tod. And So It Happens Again, (review), 93 - 101
lgnatieff, Michael. Stronger than We Feel, 35-41
Jane Corkin Gallery. Abandoned Industrial Sites, 62-72
Kingwell, Mark. The Mirror Image: Infinite Reflections on the Public Good, 51-61
Laxer, James. Reflections of the Public Good in the New Gilded Age, 17-25
McQuaig, Linda. A Matter of Will, 9-15
Rae, Bob. The Deficit Demon, 27-33
Runte, Roseann. Opening Minds and Educational Boxes, 155- 156
Saul, John Ralston. Hypnotic Clarity versus the Conscious Citizen, 43-49
Sismondo, Sergio. Scepticism and Authority in Popular Science (review), 103-111
Yacowar, Maurice. Prints of Denial Life is Beautiful and Prince of Egypt (film review), 77- 91

Summer 1999 - Culture Shock - Undercover in Iran

Summer 1999 Issue

Bell, Fraser. For the Cause: The Intellectuals and the Spanish Civil War, 259- 269
Clausen, Christopher. Nostalgia, Freedom, and the End of Cultures, 233 - 244
Driedger, Diane. Jamaica arrival 1988 (verse), 308 - 309
Gunn, J.A.W. Many Good Things: Isaiah Berlin's Moral Pluralism, 181-193
Haller, Aurian. Sand (verse), 312
Hoffman, Tod. Infinite Suspicion: The File on Herbert Norman (film review), 247-257
Jaeger, Suzanne. Swan Lake, 283 – 290
Finkielkraut, Alain. The Survival of Culture, 195- 205
Krakofsky, Shel. How to Call a Home Run (verse), 313
Laughton, Bruce. Honoré Daumier: Painter of Cartoonist?, 271 - 281
Murray, Ben. Memory Dearest (verse), 307
Naves, Elaine. Michael lgnatieff Interviewed, 169- 180
Norcliffe, James. the kids are smoking (verse), 310- 311
Rabinovitch, Victor. Method and Success in Canada's Cultural Policies, 233- 244
Rushton, Michael. The Economics of Culture and the Culture of Economics, 315-318
Ruzesky,Jay. The Sky That Night (verse), 306
Salutin, Rick. National Cultures in the Age of Globalization: The Case of Canada, 207- 215
Wearing, Alison. Arrival, 293 - 304

Fall 1999 - The Philosopher's Century

Fall 1999 Issue

Almon, Bert. The Undertow (verse), 476-477
Babington, Doug. The Eminent Sweet Shop, 437-451
Bowers, Rick. Montaigne and Me at Forty (fiction), 461-471
Grove, J. W. The Face of Science at the End of the Twentieth Century, 383- 392
Hoffman, Tod. Shadow on the Presidency, (review), 429-435
Kingwell, Mark. The Banality of Evil, the Evil of Banality, 343- 365
McCarthy, Michael. The Visit (verse), 478
McCaslin, Susan. Sometimes when Reading (verse), 473
McKay, Don. Remembering Apparatus: Poetry and the Visibility of Tools, 393-402
Montgomery, John D. The Next Thousand Years, 329-341
Perry, Richard. Sergiu Celibidache and the Eternal Moment, 417- 426
Pincivero, Ann Marie. Leonard Cohen (verse), 474-475
Wachtel, Eleanor. Interviews Olivier Todd Albert Camus: Prophet of Our Age, 367-381
Yacowar, Maurice. Besieged: Not a Love Story (film review), 405-415

Fall 1999 - The End of History?

Winter 1999 Issue

Bell, Fraser. A Botched Civilization, 567-576
Bradshaw, Leah. Men in Part (review), 603 – 610
Daum Shanks, Signa A. Pick a town, any town, Saskatchewan July 1955, (verse), 628- 629
Downie, Glen. The Fattest Man in Switzerland (verse), 626
Dwyer, Deirdre. The Asteroid 1989FC (verse), 625
Dyer, Gwynne. The End of History? The End of War?, 489 – 504
Gerry, Tom. Extremes Meet: Elizabeth Simcoe's Birchbark Landscapes, 588 - 601
Grindley, Carl James. A Few More Years And (verse), 627
Grove, J. W. More Light on Heisenberg, 535-543
Irie, Kevin. A Canadian in Venice (verse), 630- 631
Roazen, Paul. The Strange Case of Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers, 519- 533
Thornton, A. P. The Past is Another Country, 505- 517
Tilberg, Mary. In Stone (fiction), 612 - 624
Wachtel, Eleanor. Bernhard Schlink Interviewed, 545-555
Yacowar, Maurice. Run Lola Run: Renn for Your Life (film review), 557-565
Young, Robert. Hitler's Early Critics: Canadian Resistance at the Winnipeg Free Press, 579- 586