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Annual Author Index - 2000


Alonso, Juan. The USA's Urban Horror and Gangsta Rap, 203-9
Altman, Sidney. A Passion for Natural Elegance, 37
Andersen, Marguerite. The Passion of Language, 59
Arcand, Bernard. A Tale of 2,000 Cities, 169-75
Barnett, S. M. Epicedium to a Gentleman (verse), 156-7
Baud, Philippe. The Old Stones of Chambéry, 582-8
Begag, Azouz. Speed and the City: le Rodéo urbain, 211-21
Bell, Fraser. Journeys in the Interior: Glasgow Imagined, 235-43
Bliss, Michael. The Whole Great Gang: The Passion for History, 22-3
Broadbent, Ed. Democracy and Corporations: What's Gone Wrong?, 373-89
Caillé, Alain. The World of the Gift, 367-72
Cameron, David Robertson. A Passion for Home, 63-4
Cameron, Silver Donald. The Passion for Place, 28-9
Clarkson, Stephen. Charisma and Contradiction: The Legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau,
Collet, André. Heartland of the Gauls, 489-501
Cox, Terrance. Tips for Travellers-Home (verse), 319
De Baudry d'Asson, Nathalie. Fraternity and Utopia: An Interview with Jacques Attali, 363-5
Dion, Robert. The Spirit of Place: Berlin 2000, 223-33
du Prey, Pierre de la Ruffinière. The Dead Cities of Northern Syria: A Journal, 252-64
Eisler, Irena. Café Slavia (fiction), 465-74
_____. Bécassine (fiction), 617-32
Elmer, Kathryn. Education and Earth, 65
Enright, Michael. Lost Mission in Rwanda: An Interview with General Romeo Dallaire, 412-25
Finucan, Stephen. Pineapples and Alaska (fiction), 146-51
Fox, Paul. The Motive Power in Leadership, 9-21
Godbout, Jacques. The World of the Gift, 367-72
Govier, Trudy. Beauty and Pain, 427-45
Gravender, David. Aubade: On Passing Through Edmonton on the Transcontinental (verse), 312-13
Greif, Hans-Jürgen. Moulay-Idriss, 244-51
Gunn, J.A.W. Who Are the French and Why Might it Matter?, 503-13
Guthrie, Hamish. January 1st (verse), 633
_____. Blues Bar, (verse), 632. Blues Bar, (verse), 632
Hetherington, Kregg. Red Sea Railroad (verse), 311
Hoffman, Tod. Joseph Wambaugh: A Cop's Eye View, 287-95
_____. Seeing Ghosts (2 review of Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost), 446-51
_____. The Many Shadows of a Hero (2 review of Patrick Marnham's The Death of Jean Moulin), 551-9
Hummel, Monte. A Passion for the Environment: Two Accounts, 66-7
Jaeger, Suzanne. Flamenco Yesterday and Today, 76-85
Johannesen, S.K. The Last Norwegian Restaurant in Bay Ridge (fiction), 296-309
Kingwell, Mark. Fear and Self-loathing in Couchland: Eight Myths about Television, 101-21 _____. Building, Dwelling, Acting, 177-99
_____. Being Dandy: A Sort of Manifesto, 329-51
Landry, Rosemarie. A Passion for Music and Song, 43-4
Marcus, R. A. A Passion for Science, 39-41
Moritz, Theresa. In the Museums, 123-31
Nolte, Jeff. The City in Light and Shadow, 265-71
O'Grady, Thomas. Bloodlines (verse), 314-15
Ouellet, François. Has André Breton Lied or Is It Lausanne?, 353-61
_____. Searching the Imaginary Landscape, 561-71
Polanyi, John. Science, Scientists, and Society, 31-6
Reed Doob, Penelope. Five Versions of Flow: A Passion for Moving, 47-9
Rotstein, Nancy-Gay. A Passion for Writing, 60-1
Runte, Roseann. The Problem of Passion and Culture, 69-74
Sévigny, Marie-Eve. Nostalgic Fin-de-Siècle of a Murdered Paris, 515-25
Sinnett, Mark. Letters to a Flamenco Dancer (fiction), 133-45
Suarez, Virgil. Diaspora (verse), 154
Sypnowich, Christine. How to Live the Good Life: William Morris's Aesthetic Conception of Equality, 391-410
Taylor, Christopher A. Intimations (verse), 155
Urquhart, Tony. A Passion for Drawing, 50-8
Wachtel, Eleanor. Interview with Hilary Spurling: Henri Matisse and the Tranquil Façade, 527-49
Wayman, Tom. Road Music (verse), 317
Wearing, Alison. A Passion for Travel, 25-6
_____. My Take on France - France's Take on Me, 609-15
Weaver, Andy. My face, as seen in the glass that covers a print of Modigliani's 1918 portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne, 634
Yacowar, Maurice. Canadian Epics of Passion: The Red Violin and Sunshine (2 film reviews), 86-100
_____. The City in Cinema: Impressions, 273-85
_____. The Casino as Civilization (2film review: Croupier), 453-6
_____. Film and the French or "How I Spent My Summer Holiday," 573-81
Zieroth, David. The Son (verse), 152-3

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