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Annual Author Index - 2001


Adams, Michael. Canadian Ethics 101: Temptation Nation, 9-20
Alonso, Juan. Desperately Blank Passports, 233-241
Alonso, Juan. Speed and the New World Religion, 365-373
Alonso, Juan. Memory and Its Absences, 574-581
Babington, Doug. Learning to Write in Mississippi, 583-590
Baiton, R. J. In Charge (fiction), 450-461
Baker, Robin. Afternoon in Tangier: A Watercolour Portfolio, 126-131
Bell, Fraser. Missing, 201-211
Bell, Fraser. The Unbearable Joke of Speed (_review of Milan Kundera's Slowness), 375-381
Bell, Fraser. The Song of 1916, 521-529
Berger, John. Mother's Stories, 300-301
Birdsall, William F. Government at the Speed of Light, 357-363
Bloom, Ronna. Canadian Socks (verse), 622
Bowling, Tim. First Grade (verse), 313
Brown, James Robert. Who Gets Einstein?, 75-83
Brutvan, Cheryl. Sophie Ristelhueber's Obsessions, 501-509
Buckman, Robert. Bloodshed, Belonging and the Need to Believe, 29-35
Campbell, Wanda. Bard Sale (verse), 474-475
Castro, Ricardo. Mies in America, 605-612
Clarkson, Adrienne. Freedom and the Press, 628-634
Coutts, Robert. Homage to a Revolutionary, 189-199
Coutts, Robert. Everyday Nation Builders, 549-557
Creates, Marlene. The Distance between Two Points Is Measured in Memories: Labrador 1988, 539-548
Crossan, John Dominic. Troubling History at Oberammergau, 223-231
Dobozy, Tamas. Riverbottom Rag (fiction), 462-469
Donald, Merlin. Memory Palaces: The Revolutionary Function of Libraries, 559-572
Donoghue, Emma. What Remains (fiction), 141-152
Enright, Michael. Reflections on a Changed World, (interview with Michael Ignatieff, Erna Paris, T. Sher Singh and Margaret Somerville), 384-395
Evans, James Allan. Return to Greece, 109-124
Fox, Paul. Narratives of Leadership, 213-221
Fracchiolla, Béatrice. The Cell and the City, 340-345
Gray, Charlotte. The New Biography, 243-257
Grove, J. W. A Troubled Life in Science (_review of Patricia Rife's Lise Meitner and the Dawn of the Nuclear Age and Ruth Lewin Sime's Lise Meitner: A Life in Physics), 85-97
Grove, J. W. Scientist Extraordinaire (_review of John Peyton's Solly Zuckerman: A Scientist out of the Ordinary), 421-429
Gurley, James. The Beauty of Physics (verse), 156-157
Hauser, V. Tony. Facing Artists: Photographs, 132-139
Hoffman, Tod. The Constant Writer: le Carré, Spies a New Villain (_review of John le Carré's The Constant Gardener), 99-107
Hoffman, Tod. LeCarré's Legacy, 407-419
Ignatieff, Michael. Ethics and the New War, 489-498
Jarman, Mark. Cougar (fiction), 303-311
Kay, Guy Gavriel. Privacy and the Ethics of Literature, 47-55
Kelly, Adrian. Nicholas II (fiction), 614-621
Kingwell, Mark. What Does It All Mean?, 57-72
Kingwell, Mark. Tables, Chairs and Other Machines for Thinking, 169-187
Kingwell, Mark. Eye Tricks, 593-602
Kundera, Milan. The Ecstasy of Speed, 382-383
La‹di, Zaki. Urgency: The Sacred Present, 531-537
Levenson, Christopher. The Works (verse), 472
Lind, Loren. Speed and Journalism, 346-355
MacIntyre, Linden. All the News That's Fit to Sell, 37-44
MacKinnon, Stuart. Iron Butterfly (verse), 473
Malito, Giovanni. A Good Chemist Gives Me Ten Pieces of Gold (verse), 154-155
Martin, D.S. Living in the Shadow (verse), 624-625
Norcliffe, James. Express, Tientsin (verse), 471
Olding, Susan. Turner's Landscapes (verse), 626-627
Posluns, Irving. Faces of Ethiopia, 276-283
Rewa, Natalie. Theatre of the Human Landscape, 441-449
Runte, Roseann. On the Need for Narrative, 259-263
Schwartz, Joan. Photography at the Speed of Light, 430-439
Shea, Theresa. Where the Fatlings Grow (verse), 318
Skidmore, James. Memorial to a Haunting Past, 511-519
Somerville, Margaret A. Stud Bulls, Human Embryos, and the Politically Incorrect, 21-28
Swann, Roberta. The Truth about Mosquitoes (verse), 314
Swann, Roberta. Jazz (verse), 315
Taylor, Christopher. Forethought (verse), 623
Victor, Ken. Late Spring Snowfall (verse), 158
Virilio, Paul. My Kingdom for a Horse: The Revolutions of Speed, 329-339
Wachtel, Eleanor. Nuruddin Farrah Interviewed, 264-275
Wearing, Alison. Last Snowstorm, 297-299
Wolff, Elana. Forsythia (verse), 159
Yacowar, Maurice. Telling Tales in the Dark, 285-295
Yacowar, Maurice.Up to Speed on the Screen, 396-405

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