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Annual Author Index - 2002


Baker, Robin. Strange Beauty, 586-593
Bell, Fraser. This Side of the Barricades, 519-530
Bell, Fraser. Truth and Lies in Tolstoy's War and Peace, 221-230
Benoit, Jocko. Beginner's Lessons in Treading Certainties (verse), 152-153
Benoit, Jocko. The Weather (verse), 154-155
Bond, April. Tides of the Spirit (photography), 291-299
Bowling, Tim. Dark, and Rain in the Air (fiction), 461-470
Boyko, Craig. On Hearing Jacques Lacan Speak (fiction), 452-458
Broadbent, Ed. Orwell Past and Present, 545-549
Burney, Shehla. The Crimean Cliff, 573-584
Car, Viktor. Paris, Kosovo (fiction), 611-622
Castells, Manuel. The Cultures of the Internet, 333-344
Donaldson, Sue (with Will Kymlicka). Habakkuk in the Lion's Den, 207-219
Donaldson, Sue (with Will Kymlicka). The Topography of Saints, 561-571
Driedger, Diane. Random Happenings (verse), 156-157
Dyer, Gwynne. The Coming War, 489-503
Eatock, Colin. A Season of Discord: Canadian Orchestras in Crisis, 273-281
Eatock, Colin. The "Death" of Classical Music, 403-409
Enright, Michael. Wrestling with the Noonday Demon (interview with Andrew Solomon),
Enright, Michael. Why Orwell Matters (interview with Christopher Hitchens), 533-543
Girard, Renaud. Bin Laden's Escape , 505-516
Grove, J.W. It's about Time, 121-127
Grove, J. W. A Matter of Business (review of Edwin Black's IBM and the Holocaust), 247-252
Grove, J. W. Science Is No Quiet Life, 421-430
Guthrie, Hamish. Resurrections (verse), 316
Guthrie, Hamish. The Pier (verse), 317
Harcourt, John. Road to Arizona (photography), 442-451
Harding-Russell, Gillian. Through the Veil of Memory (review of Kazua Ishiguro's When We Were Orphans), 95-101
Hoffman, Tod. Dark Heart Beating: Conrad's Classic at 100, 73-85
Hoffman, Tod. Seeking Intrepid (review of Bill Macdonald's The True Intrepid: Sir William Stephenson and the Unknown Agents), 255-262
Hoffman, Tod. Rock and Redemption, 397-401
Howell, Bill. August Song (verse), 318
Hunt, Wayne. The Importance of Being Tony, 265-271
Jungeblodt, Christian. From Bosnia to Jalalabad (photography), 594-610
Kaprielian, Albert. Industrial Portraits (photography), 110-119
Kempe, Kevin. Mixed Media (fiction), 301-311
Kingwell, Mark. Mourning: The Ten Essential Elements, 51-59
Kingwell, Mark. Meaning to Get to: Procrastination and the Art of Life, 363-381
Koltun, Lilly. The Four Indian Kings: The Many Modes of Remembrance, 102-109
Kymlicka, Will (with Sue Donaldson). Habakkuk in the Lion's Den, 207-219
Kymlicka, Will (with Sue Donaldson). The Topography of Saints, 561-571
LeMay, Shawna. Carpet (verse), 628-629
Lyon, David. Surveillance in Cyberspace: The Internet, Personal Data, and Social Control, 345-356
MacIsaac, Dan. Holbein's Henry VIII (verse), 474
McCallum, Paddy. Death of a Fish (verse), 473
McOrmond, Steve. Crocuses (verse), 475
McQuaig, Linda. Lost in the Global Shopping Mall, 43-49
Ogunjobi, Rotimi. Brain Surgery on the Highway (fiction), 145-150
Penny, Michael. The End of All Our Exploring... (verse), 158
Poile, Craig. April 20 (verse), 159
Pringle, Heather. Politics and the Pursuit of the Past, 35-41
Robinson, Matt. a child's toy, in the grass (verse), 476-477
Saul, John Ralston. A Wondrous Uncertainty, 9-32
Saul, John Ralston. Volunteers Wanted for Real Citizenship, 551-559
Seeman, Mary V. Schizophrenia: Two Sides of the Mirror, 191-205
Sens, Jean-Mark. The Long Journey (verse), 625
Stange, Ken. Stochastic Is All Song (An Epithalamium for A and C) (verse), 630-631
Steeves, Andrew. The Weirman's Song (verse), 314-315
Sterns Kate. Africa and Her Prodigies (review of Alexandra Fuller's Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight and Ryszard Kapuscinski's The Shadow of the Sun), 87-93
Sterns, Kate. How Goodness Is (review of Carol Shields' Unless), 283-289
Sterns, Kate. Come into the Garden, Maud, 411-430
Szanto, George. Salvador, Coincidence, Candomblé, 129-142
Tisseron, Serge. The Weight of the Family Secret, 169-175
Tisseron, Serge. The Mirror of the Internet, 329-332
Victor, Ken. On the Coldest Night in Quebec (verse), 626-627
Wachtel, Eleanor. The Day, One Year Later, interview with Margaret Drabble, Simon Schama and Roger Shattuck, 383-394
Webb, John. Porch King at Clyde River, Nova Scotia (verse), 313
Wolton, Dominique. Virtual Illusion, 359-362
Yacowar, Maurice. Film Springs Eternal, 61-71
Yacowar, Maurice. Oscars Unbound: Woody Meets His Maker (review of Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending), 233-245
Yacowar, Maurice. Choice Films about the Holocaust (review of Costa-Gavras' Amen and István Szabó's Taking Sides), 431-440

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