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Annual Author Index - 2004


Alonso, Odette. Dedo que no tapa el sol (verse), 478-479
Baker, Robin. A Parisian Portfolio, 443-449
Beaton, Belinda. Television History: The Small Screen View, 599-609
Bell, Fraser. The Spirit of Our Time, 11-21
Bell, Fraser. The Dominie and the Covenant: The Grierson Touch, 225-235
Bell, Fraser. Dead Man on Furlough: Willi Münzenberg's Wars, 537-547
Bowling, Tim. Paris, Youth, Springtime (verse), 158-159
Britt, Alan. Bringing Pablo Home from a Second Hand Bookshop verse), 634
Broadbent, Ed. Canadian Citizenship and the New Barbarism, 59-71
Brooks, Leonard. A Flutter of Wings, 187-196
Burgham, Ian. On a Day of Storms (verse), 631
Clarkson, Adrienne. Crown and Citizen, 251-258
Coetzee, J.M. He and His Man, 451-461
Corbett, Stan. Knowing the Mind of God (review of Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone's Out of the Flames and Michael White's The Pope and the Heretic), 287-297
Cowles, David. Exodus, 128-137
Czarny, Norbert. The Weight of Silence (review of W. G. Sebald's On the Natural History of Destruction), 113-116
Dantzig, Charles. New York, Blacked Out, 395-403
de Giacomo, Rocco. Charlottetown (verse), 316-317
Donaldson, Sue (with Will Kymlicka). What Would Jesus Do?, 381-393
Dorfman, Ariel. The Last Temptation of Ivan Karamazov, 273-276
Doyle, Marjorie. My Uncles Didn't Dance, 199-213
Dreifus, Erika. Keeping Silent? Writing Fiction after September 11, 35-43
Eatock, Colin. The Discreet Charm of the CBC, 261-271
Elder O'Dea, Traci. Under and Over (verse), 315
Enright, Michael. Exuberant Humanity: Kay Redfield Jamison Interviewed, 573-583
Fulford, Robert. When I Was Very Young, 170-185
Fulford, Robert. Surprised by Love, 331-341
Fulford, Robert. Slumberous Mumblement in Academe: Tortured Sentences, Strangled Thoughts, 503-509
Greenspan, Edward. Should Hate Speech Be a Crime?, 73-85
Grove, J.W. The File on Einstein (review of Fred Jerome's The Einstein File: J. Edgar Hoover's Secret War Against The World's Most Famous Scientist), 119-126
Grove, J.W. A Man of Many Parts (review of Jeremy Bernstein's Oppenheimer: Portrait of an Enigma), 277-285
Grove, J.W. The Man Who Was Afraid of Ignorance (review of Peter Goodchild's Edward Teller: The Real Doctor Strangelove), 563-571
Hanson, Annabel. Escape into Nature, 528-535
Harcourt, Peter. Speculations on Canadian Cinema, 237-248
Hauser, V. Tony. The Power of Passion, 610-619
Hunt, Wayne. The Theatre of War, 45-49
Ignatieff, Michael. Lesser Evils: Facing Terror in Israel and the United States, 489-501
Johannesen, S.K. Undisclosed Location, 23-33
Jolly, Rosemary. Exploding the Rules of the Game: J.M. Coetzee Writing South Africa, 462-466
Keyes, John. Dormant Season (fiction), 139-154
Kingwell, Mark. Love and Philosophy, 343-357
Kymlicka, Will (with Sue Donaldson). What Would Jesus Do?, 381-393
Lapham, Lewis. Future Tense, 298-300
Litovitz, Malca. Surviving the Breakage (review of Kenneth Sherman's The Well), 308-314
Malcolmson, Patricia. Imperial Lessons (review of A.N. Wilson's The Victorians), 97-110
Margoshes, Dave. The Virtue of Snow (verse), 632-633
Martin, Richard. A Cuban Portfolio, 214-223
McCartney, Sharon. China Shepherdess (verse), 318
McCartney, Sharon. Charlotte (verse), 319
Muhlert, Devon L. Mirroring (fiction), 301-307
Nash, Roger. Our Bedouin Egg-Lady - Abu Sultan, Egypt (verse), 157
Neufeld, James. Guilty Pleasures: Fairy Tales at the National Ballet of Canada, 359-369
Parry, Nerys. The Hurricane (fiction), 621-629
Ralston Saul, John. The New Era of Irregular Warfare, 429-431
Roazen, Paul. Arthur Miller's Words and Deeds, 405-415
Segal, Hugh. Advancing the "Canadian Ideal," 51-56
Sherman, Ken. Varlam Shalamov: Poet of the Frozen Inferno, 549-561
Simpson, Jeffrey. The Journalist as Narcissist, 511-513
Starnino, Carmine. The Kettle (verse), 630
Swart, Ginny. Moveable Assets (fiction), 467-475
Taguieff, Pierre-André. Does Progress Have a Future?, 515-519
Traverso, Enzo. Theodor W. Adorno: Portrait of a Marxist Mandarin, 521-527
Varsava, Jerry. Account Overdrawn: America's Declining Social Capital in the 1990s,
Venegas, Camilo. Mi gran passion (verse), 476-477
Virole, BenoÎt. Harry Potter's Cauldron: The Power of Myth and the Rebirth of the Sacred, 371-378
Yacowar, Maurice. Corporate Invasions, Barbarian Invasions (film review: The Corporation and The Barbarian Invasions), 87-95
Yacowar, Maurice. Lovers' Tiffs at TIFF 2004, 433-440
Yacowar, Maurice. Progress Denied: Movies of the Moment, 585-597

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