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Annual Author Index - 2005


Bartlett, Brian. Walking Laura Home from Daycare (verse), 156-157
Bartlett, Brian. Three Candles and a Fan, (verse), 628-629
Beaton, Belinda. Water, Water Everywhere ..., 439-446
Beaton, Belinda. John Soane's Treasure House, 589-597
Bell, Fraser. End of an Old Song, 21-27
Bell, Fraser. God's Terrible Avenger: John Brown and Liberty, 341-350
Bell, Fraser. Joseph Conrad's Moral Journey, 491-499
Clausen, Christopher. Adventures of a Sometime McGovernite, 353-359
Clewes, Rosemary. Maps (verse), 630-631
Coffman, Peter. Camino Meditations, 528-543
Colley, Linda. The Lures of Empire, 395-414
Compton, Jennifer. Unimaginable Rome (verse), 632-633
Cooperman, Robert. Bears in the Dumpster (verse), 154-155
Corbett, Stan. Witchcraft, Suspicious Death, and Planetary Orbits (review of Joshua Gilder and Anne-Lee Gilder's Heavenly Intrigue, James A. Connor's Kepler's Witch, and Kitty Ferguson's Tycho and Kepler), 417-428
Corbin, Alain (with Thierry Paquot), The Art of Idleness, 430-437
Davies, Joe.The Bicycle (fiction), 467-472
Elmslie, Susan. Ox Chair and Ottoman, 1960 (verse), 158-159
Enright, Michael. A Writer by Partition: Salman Rushdie Interviewed, 555-565
Foran, Charles. Celluloid Wars: Vietnam, 255-265
Friesen, Eric. Musical Fictions, 109-113
Friesen, Eric. The Artist as a Child, 459-465
Fulford, Robert. A Box Full of History, 89-97
Fulford, Robert. Dream Merchants: Jews, Photography and André Kertész, 220-233
Fulford, Robert. The Spirit of the South, 329-339
Fulford, Robert. Migration and Modernity: A Leap in Time and Space, 509-517
Grove, J.W. "More than Just a Hypothesis," 213-218
Haller, Aurian. Ponies (verse), 309
Harding-Russell, Gillian. Voice Print: Omega (verse), 475
Johannesen, S.K. Réfléchissez, 361-369
Kalman Naves, Elaine. A. B. Yehoshua, Child of the State, 76-86
Karlinsky, Amy. Ivan Eyre Paintings: Cold Culture, 448-458
Kattan, Naïm. Cities of Birth, 519-527
Kelly, Greg. Beyond Words: Photographers of War, 234-254
Madden, Kyla. Where the Past Lies, 203-211
McCarron, Gary. Texts of Obligation, 193-201
MacMillan, Margaret. Making War, Making Peace: Versailles, 1919, 9-18
McPherson, Christian. Tidal Wave (verse), 311
Meune, Manuel. Berlin, Canada, 283-291
Millin, Leslie. Idols of the Cave: My Career as a Misfit, 61-75
Millin, Leslie. Untangled: Some Memories of My Mother, 545-553
Neufeld, James. A Complicated Contract: Young Rebels of Literature and Dance (review of Miriam Toew's A Complicated Kindness and the National Ballet of Canada's The Contract), 99-106
Neufeld, James. Shock Tactics in the Theatre: Monsters Lurk Beneath the Stage (theatre review: Shockheaded Peter), 578-587
Noyes, Steve. The Dali Acrobats (verse), 625
Noyes, Steve. Desire (verse), 626-627
Osborne, Brian. A Singular Way of Painting (review of Bruce Laughton's William Coldstream), 566-577
Pachet, Pierre. When All the Books Are Gone, 599-603
Paquot, Thierry (with Alain Corbin), The Art of Idleness, 430-437
Powell, Garry Craig. Sentence (fiction), 617-622
Ralston Saul, John. The Wave Breaks, 183-190
Riter Hamilton, Mary. No Man's Land, 28-37
Rolin, Jean. Twenty-foot Equivalent, 501-506
Schouten Woudstra, Annette. A Necessary Silence, 301-305
Sens, Jean-Mark. Glassblowers (verse), 151
Sens, Jean-Mark. Tras os Montes, Beyond the Mountains (verse), 152-153
Solís, Arturo. The Stones of Pátzcuaro, 292-299
Stedingh, R.W. Red Cedar Tree on the Cliff Edge (verse), 313
Stewart Howe, Kathleen. Stones of the Nile, 124-137
Swann, Brian. Monotheism (verse), 476
Swann, Roberta. Another Hundred Years (verse), 477
Templeman, Bill. Mercy Mission (verse), 315
Unwin, Peter. The Story I Would Write (fiction), 141-148
Unwin, Peter. Reading, Writing, and Other Martial Arts, 605-614
Victor, Ken. One Country's Metaphysics (verse), 316-319
Wachtel, Eleanor. Alice Munro: A Life in Writing, 267-281
Ward, Robert. My Life So Far, 47-58
Webb, John. The Music of Hammers (verse), 478
Yacowar, Maurice. The Tender Pugilist (film review: Million Dollar Baby), 115-123
Yehoshua, A.B. Civilization and Its Discontents, 169-181
Zitner, Z.P. A Little Chocolate (verse), 479

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