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Annual Author Index - 2006


Arasse, Daniel. The Gioconda Code, 181-184
Armstrong, Tammy. Dogfish (verse), 152
Armstrong, Tammy. Rogersville: Garage Man's Daughter Back from the City (verse), 150-151
Arnold, Grant. Fred Herzog: Vancouver Photographs, 596-605
Austin, Peter. Her Single Sisters (verse), 634
Beamish, Rob. Slipping the Surly Bonds of Earth: Discovering Hockey's Elusive Reality, 21-35
Beaton, Belinda. The Cathedral of Cool, 245-253
Bell, Fraser. Art is Dead to Dada, 511-521
Burgham, Ian. Cell Phones - Long Distance (verse), 473
Carisse, Jean-Marc. Faces of Fame, 48-57
Claudel, Philippe. Cézanne's The Pipe Smoker, 255-257
Dantzig, Charles. Colonial and Spy Literature: France and England, 87-89
Dantzig, Charles. Venice, 403-409
Debanne, Vincent. The Silent Majority, 258-263
Dyer, Gwynne. The Perils of Pax Americana, 208-223
Eatock, Colin. International Music Competitions: Fiddling While Rome Burns?, 265-273
Eatock, Colin. The COC Builds Its Dream-Home, 529-537
Eksteins, Modris. L'Enfant du Paradis (review of George Jonas' Beethoven's Mask: Notes on My Life and Times), 129-135
Eksteins, Modris. To Refuse to Be God: History as Antithesis, 337-357
Eksteins, Modris. Vincent and Otto: An Affair to Remember, 499-509
Fellig, Arthur. The Unknown Weegee: Secrets of New York by Night, 291-295
Ferguson, Niall. The Shady Side of the Street, 199-207
Fogarasi, George. Confessions of a Hungarian Boy Scout, 392-401
Foran, Charles. Pure Fire: The Late Landscapes of David Bierk, 235-243
Friesen, Susan. Winterreise Paintings, 548-559
Fulford, Robert. "Those Imbecilic, Stultifying Games": Notes on the Age of Sports, 9-18
Fulford, Robert. Private Secrets, Public Lies, 187-196
Fulford, Robert. Guilt, Identity, and Japaneseness, 358-369
Fulford, Robert. Walter Benjamin, the Flâneur, and the Confetti of History, 489-495
Guriel, Jason. Dear Me (verse), 318
Guriel, Jason. Dear Neighbour (verse), 316-317
Hajdú, Sue. Budapest: October 1956, 371-380
Home, Heather (with Clelia Scala), A Christmas Card to Isabel McLaughlin, 560-571
Henrichs, Bertina. The Chess Player (fiction), 461-471
Johannesen, S.K. Prodigal Returns (fiction), 137-143
Jonas, George. Anniversary, 381-391
Kingwell, Mark. Crossing the Threshold: Towards a Philosophy of the Interior, Part I, 91-104
Kingwell, Mark. Crossing the Threshold: Towards a Philosophy of the Interior, Part II, 275-289
Kingwell, Mark. Crossing the Threshold: Towards a Philosophy of the Interior, Part III,
Lascault, Gilbert. Titian's Eye: Power Neither Avows nor Conceals, 523-526
Lochnan, Katharine. David Milne: "Face to Face with Infinity," 36-47
McCartney, Sharon. Against Parallelism (verse), 475
McCartney, Sharon. Marie Antoinette's Last Thoughts (verse), 477
Malcolmson, Patricia. City of Cities (review of Stephen Inwood's City of Cities: The Birth of Modern London), 59-69
McGhee, Robert. Petra and the Present World, 328-335
Malcolmson, Patricia. From Bauhaus to Our House: Modernism, 1914- 1939 (review of the exhibition Modernism: Designing a New World, Victoria and Albert Museum, London),
Martin, D.S. Nomenclature (verse), 629
Morris, Nomi. El Condor Pasa (review of John Nielsen's Condor: To the Brink and Back),
Narbonne, Andre. My brother killed the dragon in the shed (verse), 630-631
Nash, Roger. Time's Optics (verse), 479
Olson, Erika. The Open Window, 434-441
Pierluigi, Gary. Cathy (verse), 315
Randall, Lisa. Smashing Open the Universe, 420-433
Regnier, Thomas. Leonardo's Mystery: An Interview with Umberto Eco, 169-177
Regnier, Thomas. The Last Supper and the "da Vinci Code" Frenzy, 179
Scala, Clelia (with Heather Home). A Christmas Card to Isabel McLaughlin, 560-571
Scott, Jill. Photography and Forgiveness, 606-617
Sens, Jean-Mark. New Orleans (verse), 155-156
Sens, Jean-Mark. For the Running Ghazals (verse), 632-633
Steinmetz, Andrew. Speak Low (fiction), 619-626
Stevens, Paul. Churchill's Military Romanticism, 71-85
Van Loon, Jean. Stardust (fiction), 305-313
Venart, S.E. Advantage: House (verse), 149
Venart, S.E. Intimates (verse), 147
Wachtel, Eleanor. Alain Finkielkraut in Conversation, 573-584
Watkins, Mel. Joseph Rotblat: From Los Alamos to Pugwash, 107-117
Wilson, Mary Jane. Opéra Comique or Salle Favart and Bizet's Carmen, 539-545
Yacowar, Maurice. Munich of Fact and Fiction (film review: Steven Spielberg's Munich),
Yacowar, Maurice. Caché and the Private/Public Secret (film review: Michael Haneke's Caché), 225-233
Young, Brian. The Dining Saloon (fiction), 297-303

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