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Annual Author Index - 2007


Aitken, Kelley. Wonder; No Wonder: William Blake's Illustrations to the Book of Job, 571-575
Bader, Alfred. Lost Masterpieces and Happy Endings, 97-108
Baldwin, Tama. Jane, 577-583
Bard, Patrick. El Norte, 12-19
Barton, John. "Conditions attached to the driving of Motor Vehicles by the holder of a Provisional Licence," 501-505
Bell, Fraser. The Granite Shows through: Shades of Tusitala, 385-393
Berman, Rachel. Storied Streets, 608-619
Berts, Jean-Michel. New York: Forever a New City, 374-383
Bowling, Tim. A Country Tradition (verse), 478-479
Bowling, Tim. Collections (verse), 538-539
Browning, Leah. Damage (verse), 472-473
Burtynsky, Edward. World of Industry, 328-339
Carter, Rodney. Photography and Personal Mythology, 558-569
Chanda, Avik. Les Adieux (verse), 156-159
Charney, Ann. Spanish Lessons (fiction), 455-461
Clausen, Christopher. The Rorschach Murders, 269-277
Colman, Robert. Sediment (verse), 312-313
Comeau, Martin. Historic Records and the Study of Climate Change, 542-557
Corriveau, Art. GPS or Getting Yourself to Work in the SAR, 216-223
Cowan, John Scott. Is a War on Terror Possible? Lessons from the Long War against Piracy, 73-84
Cowan, John Scott. Jonas on Islamic Revolutions (review of George Jonas' Reflections on Islam), 279-285
Crummey, Michael. Small Clothes (verse), 540-541
Cumyn, Alan. Henry's Ghost, 521-524
De Souza, Father Raymond J. Borders of Faith and Reason, 68-70
DeBeyer, Michael. Office as "Jungle of the Mind" (verse), 474
Dempster, Barry. The Trip (verse), 316-317
Dempster, Barry. The Piano Player's Hands (verse), 630
Dempster, Barry. Where Loneliness First Fell (verse), 631
Donaldson, Sue (with Will Kymlicka). The Moral Ark, 187-205
Dorigny, Marie (with Marc Epstein). Kashmir - Forgotten Paradise, 21-28
Draime, Doug. Coltrane Mowing the Grass (verse), 314-315
Ellenbogen, George. Canada Geese (verse), 154-155
Epstein, Marc (with Marie Dorigny). Kashmir - Forgotten Paradise, 21-28
Fraser, Don. Inuit Dreams (fiction), 141-151
Fulford, Robert. Furtive Autobiography: The Peterborough Journalism of Robertson Davies, 87-95
Fulford, Robert. Under the Spell of the Tango, 251-259
Fulford, Robert. Talmudic Thought and the Pleasures of Disputation, 422-431
Fulford, Robert. Andy Goldsworthy: Nature's Collaborator, Art's Alchemist, 596-607
Goldchain, Rafael. Familial Ground, 133-139
Grant, William D. Zambia: Reflections on Colonialism and After, 225-234
Helwig, David. Exercise in December (verse), 632-633
Hubaut, Sandrine. The True Price of Towering Capitalism: Bernard Stiegler Interviewed,
Humphreys, Helen. Each Room (verse), 319
Humphreys, Helen. Rabbit Foot Bill (fiction), 621-629
Johannesen, S.K. Creative Writing (fiction), 297-308
Jonas, George. Meditations on Israel, 43-66
Kingwell, Mark. On the Ausable, 169-185
Kymlicka, Will (with Sue Donaldson). The Moral Ark, 187-205
Le Dressay, Anne. And the Meek Shall Inherit (verse), 153
Le Dressay, Anne. The cemetery on the hill (verse), 152
Malcolmson, Patricia. Thomas Hardy: Observation, Memory and Imagination (review of Michael Millgate's Thomas Hardy: A Biography Revisited and Claire Tomalin's Thomas Hardy: The Time-Torn Man), 287-295
Martens, Oscar. Breaking on the Wheel (fiction), 463-470
Martin, Richard. Sicily - Land of No One, 236-249
McDonald, David A. World Class Inequity: Cape Town, South Africa, 395-405
McDowall, Duncan. The Trial and Tribulations of Miss Agatha Chapman, 357-373
Millin, Leslie. Idols of the Eye, 261-267
Neufeld, James. Brave New World: Tom Stoppard on the Coast of Utopia (theatre review), 407-421
Noyes, Steve. Daughter, Planetarium, 2006 (verse), 477
Page, Joanne. Late Afternoon, 530-532
Pepall, Rosalind. Edwin Holgate's Art of Vigour and Restraint, 111-121
Pepper, Kaija. Dancing toward That Good Night, 443-453
Rambeau, James. A Thing with Feathers, 207-214
Roach Pierson, Ruth. Archival Research as Refuge, Penance, and Revenge, 491-498
Schoemperlen, Diane. A Soldier's Book, 527-529
Scott, Jill. Vimy Ridge Memorial: Stone with a Story, 507-519
Showler, Peter. Bridging the Grand Canyon: Deciding Refugee Claims, 29-40
Teleky, Richard. Re-Reading Doctor Zhivago, 585-595
Tinland, Olivier. The Aesthetics of Capital, 353-355
Unrau, John. Skating at the Gardens with Uncle Mario (verse), 634-635
Watson, Simon. Dachau Awakening, 432-441
Wihtol de Wenden, Catherine. A World without Borders, 8-11
Wright, Robert. How to Become an Expert Operator, 534-537
Yacowar, Maurice. Leaning towards Babel (film review: Gonzáles Iñárritu's Babel), 123-130

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