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Annual Author Index - 2008


Bothwell, Robert (with Randall Hansen and Margaret MacMillan). Controversy, Commemoration, and Capitulation, 367-389
Britt, Alan. Dreams (verse), 158-159
Brown, Julian. The Kingston Prize: Canada's National Portrait Competition, 538-547
Clausen, Christopher.Obama Rules, 558-567
Cohen, Derek. Fashioning Friday, 9-19
De Witt, David. Re-imagining Art and Life: Painting in the Age of Rembrandt, 426-441
Dennis, Amy. Tom (verse), 474
Dennis, Amy. Seconds after You Say You'll Never Want a Child (verse), 476
Dobrowner, Mitch. The Still Earth, 82-93
Eatock, Colin. Culture Wars at the CBC, 261-273
Foran, Charles. Praying to the Lord of the Lotus, 21-33
Friesen, Eric. Oliver Sacks Interviewed, 443-452
Friesen, Eric. Beethoven Symphonies for Our Time, 613-619
Fulford, Robert. On the Other Side of Prudence, 104-115
Fulford, Robert. The Harsh Judgment of the Museum, 329-336
Fulford, Robert. In the Theatre of Memory, 489-497
Gordon, Charles. Rooms of Wonder (review of Charlotte Gray's The Museum Called Canada: 25 Rooms of Wonder), 604-611
Hansen, Randall(with Robert Bothell and Margaret MacMillan). Controversy, Commemoration, and Capitulation, 367-389
Heffernan, James. Cracking the Mirror: Self-Representation in Life and Art, 518-537
Howerow, Louisa. After Seeing Paul en Arlequin I Confront Picasso (verse), 318-319
Hughes, Henry. Retaining Wall (verse), 313
Humphreys, Helen. Paris, 1830 (fiction), 287-296
Humphreys, Helen. My Night in the ER, 515-517
Johnston, Michael. Murder (verse), 632
Johnston, Michael. The Church of Steel (verse), 634
Jonas, George. Kissinger's Gulf Wars, 236-245
Jonas, George. How Scum Die, 401-409
Jonas, George. Portrait of a Carnivore, 499-513
Jonas, George. The (Extra) Ordinary Lives of Josef Skvorecký 599-602
Kalman Naves, Elaine. Six from Six Million: Daniel Mendelsohn Interviewed, 56-71
Kingwell, Mark. Idling Toward Heaven: The Last Defence You'll Ever Need, 569-585
Leroux, Georges. Greek Heritage: The Benaki Collection, 356-365
MacMillan, Margaret (with Robert Bothwell and Randall Hansen), Controversy, Commemoration, and Capitulation, 367-389
Margoshes, Dave. Becoming a Writer (verse), 478
Martin, Richard. Venice: The City Museum, 410-425
McCartney, Sharon. Against Scaffolding (verse), 153
McDowall, Duncan. Spinning the Past:Prime Ministerial Memoirs, 2007, 117-131
Millin, Leslie. In Their Generation Wiser, 35-41
Mount, Nick. The Return of Beauty, 169-185
Neilson, Shane. Will (fiction), 465-470
Neilson, Shane. Standard Advice (verse), 629
O'Connor, Mary (with Katherine Tweedie). Margaret Watkins, Photographer, 220-235
Penny, Michael. Agreement: Between Zero and One (verse), 154
Pepper, Kaija. Resurrecting Étude, 548-557
Posner, Michael. The Spy from Palestine, 43-54
Posner, Michael. Rethinking Shakespeare, 247-259
Rabinovitch, Victor. Civilization and It's Museums: A View from the President's Chair, 341-354
Rae, Patricia. Between the White and the Red: Remembering Canadians in the Spanish Civil War, 389-399
Roscoe, Patrick. What the World Takes Away (fiction), 299-311
Scott, Peter Dale. Breathing Exercise: A How-to Poem (verse), 316-317
Shorb, Michael. The Roman Soldier's Ear (verse), 314-315
Simpson, Jeffrey. Motive, Fallout, 133-137
Slater, John. From the Hip (verse), 156-157
Smith, Mark. The Molecule That Went Behind the World, 587-597
Smart, Tom. Miller Brittain: When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears, 72-81
Stange, Ken. Portrait of a Young Girl and Her Father in the Garden (verse), 630
Tweedie, Katherine (with Mary O'Connor). Margaret Watkins, Photographer, 220-235
Unwin, Peter. The Superior North, 276-285
Unwin, Peter. Out West (fiction), 621-627
Vejore, E.E. La Côte-Nord, (fiction), 455-460
Wachtel, Eleanor. Moshe Safdie, Architect (interview), 199-219
Wayman, Tom. Teaching English (verse), 473
Yacowar, Maurice. Digging in (film review: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and There Will be Blood) 95-103
Yelland, Sean. Vanishing Point, 186-197
Young, Bryan. Cerulean (fiction), 139-151

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