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Annual Author Index - 2009


Axworthy, Thomas S. Where Dreams Go to Die (review of Janice Gross Stein and Eugene Lang's The Unexpected War; Ahmed Rashid's Descent into Chaos; and The Afghanistan Challenge, edited by Hans-Georg Ehrhart and Charles Pentland), 569-579
Baud-Berthier, Gilles. The Dawn of the Colour Photograph, 192-205
Beaton, Belinda. Hollywood Sells Heritage, 180-191
Beaton, Belinda. The Musée du Quai Branly: The Last of Paris's Grand Projets?, 370-383
Bowling, Tim. Ex Libris (fiction), 305-313
Bowling, Tim. On My Son's Birthday (verse), 632
Bowling, Tim. While I Was Reading Amichai, Israel Attacked (verse), 630-631
Brown, Roland Elliott. Russia's Modernist Relics, 26-37
Byrnes, Terence. The Imagined Portrait, 116-133
Cameron, Kat. The Labyrinth (verse), 479
Canadian Museum of Civilization Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures, 558-568
Chrysanthou, Samantha. Remembrance of Prairie and Mountain, 546-557
Compton, Jennifer. Not His Real Name (fiction), 145-151
Csamer, M.E. Leaving Taking (verse), 634-635
Day, David. Lost Animals: A Book of Hours, 206-223
Deacon, Tom. Stuffing Your Classical Stocking, 606-615
Deambrosis, Mercedes. My Best Years (fiction), 301-303
Donnelly, Richard. Affair (verse), 157
Donnelly, Richard. Sex Poem (verse), 154
Dunn, Mark D. Apology (verse), 158-159
Eatock, Colin. R. Murray Schafer at 75: An Appreciation, 98-115
Eatock, Colin. Homburger on Gould: An Interview with the Manager of Canada's Late Great Pianist, 581-593
Eksteins, Modris. Crash! A Century of Futurism, 328-341
Friesen, Eric. Four Last Songs, 134-143
Friesen, Eric. A Classical Quest (review of Eric Siblin's The Cello Suites: J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the Search for a Baroque Masterpiece), 292-299
Friesen, Eric. The Writer Who Listens: Ian McEwan Interviewed, 414-425
Friesen, Eric. The Mysterious Genius of Glenn Gould, 595-605
Fulford, Robert. World of Chaos, Dreams of Order, 9-17
Fulford, Robert. People of the Grid: Passion and Reason in Modern Design, 169-179
Fulford, Robert. Elder Culture: Old Age as a Comic Turn, 385-393
Fulford, Robert. To Live as a Legend, 489-497
Gordon, Charles. Lady Franklin's Expedition (review of Erika Behrisch Elce's As Affecting the Fate of My Absent Husband), 440-449
Gray, Charlotte. The Biography Trust-busters, 498-507
Guriel, Jason. Pessimism (verse), 318
Guriel, Jason. Long Poem (verse), 319
Guthrie, Hamish. The Castle (verse), 628-629
Hammond, Anne. Natural Affinities: Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams, 50-61
Johannesen, S.K. The Wulfenite Affair (fiction), 450-469
Johnson, Michael. Before (verse), 476-477
Jonas, George. The Inside Story, 75-97
Jonas, George. Fools Like Me, 254-273
Kingwell, Mark. A New Corb?, 18-25
Leroux, Georges. On the Trail of the Prodigal Son, 38-49
Leroux, Georges. The Meaning of the Journey: Tiziano Terzani's Travels, 508-519
Margoshes, Dave. The Chicken Coop (verse), 153
Moore, George. The True Pietà(verse), 315
Moore, George. Under the Silence (verse), 317
Mowll Mathews, Nancy. Prendergast in Italy, 342-353
Prakash, A.K. Independent Spirit: Early Canadian Women Artists, 354-369
Punter, Jennie. Art and Intrigue (review of Alfred Bader's Chemistry and Art: Further Adventures of a Chemist Collector), 402-413
Rey, Olivier. The Greatest Machine, 394-401
Shabahang, Bahram. Woven Perfection, 62-73
Siljak, Ana. Angel of Vengeance, 225-239
Simpson, Jeffrey. Debt's Lessons, 275-283
Simpson, Jeffrey. The Fading CBC, 426-439
Steinmetz, Andrew. The Brothers Kramm, 617-627
Teleky, Richard. The Impossible Work of Translation?, 241-252
Teleky, Richard. In Search of Diana Thorne, 520-533
Victor, Ken. The Pageant, 1993: During the Siege of Sarajevo (verse), 472-473
Victor, Ken. Lunch at Les Fougères (verse), 474-475
Wiseman, Nelson. Michael Ignatieff's Canadian Album (review of Michael Ignatieff's True Patriot Love: Four Generations in Search of Canada), 284-291
Yuan, Changming. Day & Night (verse), 471
Zeldin, Gerald. Painting the Shapes of Life, 534-545

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