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Annual Author Index - 2010


Armstrong, Gavin (with Nathan Lachowsky and Alastair Summerlee). The Achuar of the Amazon: Their Struggle to Preserve the Rainforest, 517-529

Bowers, Rick. Shakespeare Meets the Rocky Mountains: The Earl of Southesk in Western Canada, 1859, 531-543

Broadhurst, Christopher. Mysterious Blooms (painting), 82-89
Burtynsky, Edward. Five Views of Catastrophe (photography), 573-583
Chrisman, Michael. Sky City (photography), 272-285
Clausen, Christopher. Modern America's Founding Myth, 168-183
Colman, Robert. Respect (verse), 312-313
Day, David. Oxford in Wonderland, 402-423
Donnelly, Richard. Blonde Nude (verse), 314-315
Donnelly, Richard. The Love Disgust (verse), 316
Dougherty, Bob. Simple Navigations around Dark Gravities (fiction), 613-619
Doyle, Marjorie. The Ticket Out, 298-311
Eatock, Colin. From Venezuela to the World: Exporting "El Sistema," 590-601
Friesen, Eric. Johnny, Wild Willy, and Me, 114-123
Friesen, Eric. Great Music and the Spell of Cinema, 286-297
Friesen, Eric. Vikram Seth Music in the Words, 424-435
Friesen, Eric. The Shimmer of Holy Innocence, 603-611
Fulford, Robert. Nostalgia and the Lies of the Past, 22-33
Fulford, Robert. Reading the Bible through a Glass Darkly, 214-225
Fulford, Robert. The Life and Times of the Partisan Review, 336-345
Fulford, Robert. The Spirit of the West in the Jihad Era, 507-515
Grady, Wayne (with Merilyn Simonds). Another Country, 184-193
Helwig, David. Marine City (verse), 156-157
Holubizky, Ihor. Oil cloth lunch: McMaster Museum of Art, 244-261
Humphreys, Helen. Coda, 621-625
Hynes, Maureen. Night Train Soundscape (verse), 318-319
Kingwell, Mark. Wage Slavery, Bullshit, and the Good Infinite, 226-243
Kordan, Bohdan S. Wish You Were Here, 544-553
Lachowsky, Nathan (with Gavin Armstrong and Alastair Summerlee). The Achuar of the
Amazon: Their Struggle to Preserve the Rainforest, 517-529

Lau, Evelyn. Memorial (verse), 154-155
Lau, Evelyn. After the Gold Medal Hockey Win, 2010 Olympics (verse), 466-467
Leroux, Georges. Istanbul: A Tale of Many Cities, 93-103
Leroux, Georges. Between Sunshine and Shadow: The Legacy of Albert Camus, 202-213
Lewis, Magda. The Beauty of the World: A Photographic Journey, 450-462
Liepke, Peter. City of Concrete and Dreams (photography), 72-81
Marche, Stephen. The Glittering Skull: Celebrity Culture as World Religion, 9-21
Marche, Stephen. The iPad and Twenty-First- Century Humanism, 194-201
Marche, Stephen. The Patroclization of Pat Tillman, 497-505
Margoshes, Dave. Bird in the Hand (verse), 630-631
Margoshes, Dave. Lost (verse), 632-633
Moore, George. The Swim to Iceland (verse), 468-469  Mount, Nick. More Meaningful than Any Long Journey: Listening to Tom Dawe, 124-137

Mount, Nick. Searching for Banksy, 262-271
Neilson, Shane. My Daughter Playing the Piano (verse), 472
Neilson, Shane. Marriage Counselling (verse), 470
Neufeld, James. Lois Marshall in Moscow, 358-369
Okun, Sharon. Paramount Pictures (painting), 392-401
Parkes, Nii Ayikwei. Wood (fiction), 143-150
Porter, Anna. Has the Age of Ideas Passed?, 328-335
Porter, Anna. The Lonely Passion of Herta Müller, 489-495
Punter, Jennie. Apocalypse New? (film review: 2012, The Age of Stupid, Avatar, The Book of Eli, The Road), 104-113
Punter, Jennie. Crime and Punishment in a Foreign Land (film review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Secret in Their Eyes), 380-391

Rey, Olivier. Science in the Twenty-First Century, 41-54
Rhenisch, Harold. Artemis and St Boniface (verse), 152-153
Salutin, Rick. Jonas and Me, 326-357
Schiffman, Richard. Blessed (verse), 159
Segal, Hugh. Partisans, Citizens, and Leaders, 555-561
Simonds, Merilyn (with Wayne Grady). Another Country, 184-193
Simpson, Jeffrey. Canadian Foreign Policy: Time for a Revolution, 57-71
Simpson, Jeffrey. Canada's Juggernaut: The Future of Health Care, 562-572
Sollers, Philippe. George Orwell: Leftward All!, 34-39
Summerlee, Alastair (with Gavin Armstrong and Nathan Lachowsky). The Achuar of the
Amazon: Their Struggle to Preserve the Rainforest, 517-529

Teleky, Richard. Celebrities (verse), 628-629
Teleky, Richard. My Viennese Vice, 370-379
Teleky, Richard. Night, Rain, Dogs (verse), 626-627
Ward, Robert. (Charlie's) Angels of the Camino, 435-449

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