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Annual Author Index - 2011


Abley, Mark. Anonymous,Undated (verse), 520
Abley, Mark. In Girona Cathedral, (verse), 522
Bowling, Tim. Childhood (verse), 154-155
Bowling, Tim. Teaching First-Year University (verse), 528
Clausen, Christopher. Slovakian Dreams and the New Europe, 90-101
Clausen, Christopher. Universities Today and Tomorrow, 570-583
Cullis-Suzuki, Sarika (with David Hall). Beneath Cold Seas (photography), 528-545
Davies, Joe. The Leaf Blower (fiction), 454-463
Day, David. The Genesis of the Hobbit, 114-129
Delpech, Thérèse. Mysterious and Powerful Forces, 64-69
Diamond, A.J. Satisfaction in the Mark (painting), 102-113
Dickenson, Victoria. Ivan Eyre at the McMichael Sculpture Garden, 430-443
Eatock, Colin. Six Canadian Composers You Should Know, 266-279
Friesen, Eric. A Pair of Aces, 130-139
Friesen, Eric. Carmina Burana: The Big Mac of Classical Music?, 280-289
Friesen, Eric. Zen and the Art of Classical Recording, 444-453
Friesen, Eric. Vivaldi in Winter, 517-527
Fulford, Robert. How It All Comes Out: The Obit Writer Reluctantly Thinks of Death, 70-79
Fulford, Robert. H.G. Wells and the Wages of Adultery, 166-175
Fulford, Robert. Emperor Julian and the Gods of Homer, 326-335
Fulford, Robert. The Artist as Scoundrel, 486-496
Gerry, Tom. "I Sing My Sorrow and I Paint My Joy": Joni Mitchell, 208-221
Grady, Wayne. Cannibal or The Role of Non-Fiction in Fiction, 336-347
Graham, Neile. 3 St Ronan's Drive (verse), 290-291
Guthrie, Hamish. Bottles (verse), 292-293
Guthrie, Hamish. One Summer Morning (verse), 294-295
Hall, David (with Sarika Cullis- Suzuki). Beneath Cold Seas (photography), 528-545
Harrison, Peter. It Rained in Iqaluit, 32-43
Karasik, Daniel. Blind Tongue (verse), 524
Karasik, Daniel. On not knowing the grandfather who might've been most like me (verse), 526-527
Kingwell, Mark. What Are Intellectuals for? A Modest Proposal in Dialogue Form, 44-63
Knelman, Joshua. A Brief History of Art Theft, 222-233
Lalonde, Danny. Harvest (fiction), 140-149
Lampe, Angela. Chagall and the Russian Avant-Garde (painting), 598-609
Leroux, Georges. Wanderer: An Essay on Franz Schubert's Winterreise, 498-515
Lewis, Laurie. Herald Square, 176-187
Manos, Kenna Creer. Coda (verse), 156
McMaster, Gerald. Inuit Modern: Sculpture from the Arctic, 6-15
Michaela, Deborah. A Rock from Jordan (verse), 466-467
Milroy, Sarah. Fred Herzog: Words and Pictures (photography), 244-256
Murray, Joan. A Treasury of Tom Thomson (painting), 234-243
Neufeldt, Leonard. Trotsky Explains Lenin to Frida Kahlo (verse), 150-151
Norman, Robert O. Haiti Child (with his homemade guitar, 2010) (verse), 465
Opp, James. Picturing Communism: Yousuf Karsh, Canadair, and Cold War Advertising, 584-597
Padhi, Bibhu. A Time, a Place, a Name (verse), 470-471
Pepper, Kaija. My Mother, My Dance, 396-403
Porter, Anna. Imre Kertész: Writing the Impossible Novel, 360-371
Rabinovitch, Victor. The North in Canadian Identity, 16-31
Richler, Noah. What We Talk about When We Talk about War, 188-207
Schiffman, Richard. Running Against the Clock (verse), 298-299
Schoemperlen, Diane. A Body Like a Little Nut, 404-417
Shorb, Michael. Facebook Passes Me By (verse), 296-297
Sileika, Antanas. Where I'm Coming from, Where I'm Going to, 80-89
Silverman, Robert. Last Train for Chester (photography), 302-311
Simpson, Jeffrey. Sweden's Health-Care Revolution, 386-395
Simpson, Jeffrey. Taxpayers and Public Institutions: Who's the Boss?, 558-569
Smith, J. Mark. Laboratory of the Air, 546-557
Teleky, Richard. Introducing Emma Bovary, 348-359
Unwin, Peter. The World in the Evening (fiction), 510-519
Van Loon, Jean. Chipwagon (verse), 300-301
Ventura, Paolo. The Automaton of Venice, 372-385
Wayman, Tom. No End (verse), 468-469
Young, Patricia. Sixties Secretaries (verse), 152-153
Zentner, Alexi. Touch (fiction), 257-265

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