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Annual Author Index - 2012


Abley, Mark. As If (verse), 469
Abley, Mark. Labrador (verse), 468
Armstrong, Gavin R. (with Alastair J. S. Summerlee). Remember July 20, 2011: Famine in the Horn of Africa, 514-523
Bie Brahic, Beverley. A Teapot (verse), 144-145
Bie Brahic, Beverley. Receiving Qi Baishi's "Longevity Peaches" on a Postcard from a Friend (verse), 142
Bondil, Nathalie. A History of Impressionism: Great French Paintings from the Clark Art Institute, 418-429
Bowling, Tim. The News That Stays the News, 260-269
Bowling, Tim. The Looking Glass Scented with Cedar and Rain (verse), 624-625
Bowling, Tim. A Mother's Advice (verse), 626-627
Brunet, Catherine. September 11, 2001 (verse), 464-465
Brunet, Catherine. We Learned of Magellan (verse), 466-467
Chowaniec, Claudia. Thanksgiving Day (verse), 462-463
Clausen, Christopher, The World's Longest Undefended Border Gets Thicker, 549-557
Colman, Robert. Practising (verse), 306-307
Colman, Robert. The Architect (verse), 308-309
Da Costa, Paulo. An Abundance of Flowers (fiction), 600-608
De Giacomo, Rocco. Restless (verse), 304
Delisle, Jennifer. Namesake (verse), 148
Duval, Leora. Shadows and Light of the Middle East (photography) , 92-111
Dykers, Craig. Snôhetta: Architecture of Humanity, 378-399
Eatock, Colin. Yannick Nézit-Séguin Goes to Philadelphia, 440-451
Epp, Darrell. No Strings Attached (verse), 146
Friesen, Eric. Music: The Language of The Artist, 18-25
Friesen, Eric. The COC: Opera Future Shop, 246-259
Friesen, Eric. Planetary Mood Pictures, 408-417
Friesen, Eric. A Tangle of Rainbows: The Quartet for the End of Time, 494-503
Fulford, Robert. Deceit, Parody, and the Furtive Pleasures of Art, 58-69
Fulford, Robert. Remorse in Dickens, Remorse in Me, 214-223
Fulford, Robert. Ambassador for the Past: Allan Bloom and His Book, 25 Years Later, 336-345
Fulford, Robert. Newark in Myth and History, 539-546
Gibson, Brian. Marathon of Hurt: The True Meaning of Terry Fox's Run, 166-177
Humphreys, Helen. Natural History, 112-131
Hynes, Maureen. Quipu (verse), 152-153
Kalman Naves, Elaine. Portrait of a Scandal: The Trial of Robert Notman, 586-599
Kingwell, Mark. Building Cities, Making Friends: A Meditation, in Five General Propositions, 358-377
Klein, Etienne. The Philosophy of the Higgs Boson, 400-407
Lalonde, Danny. Driving Paul Auster, 569-572
Lau, Evelyn. Remembrance Day (verse), 620-621
Lau, Evelyn. Game Two, Stanley Cup Playoffs 2011 (verse), 622-623
Leroux, Georges. The Dalai Lama's Call to the World, 178-187
Lewis, Magda. The Temples of Angkor (photography), 188-203
Major, Alice. Brain Surgery, 132-140
Marshall, Debbie. Empire Biscuits, 575-585
Marshall, Lee. FIFA: Still on the Cutting Edge (film review), 224-231
Marshall, Lee. Beasts of the Southern Wild: The Ambitious, Beautiful Illusion (film review), 452-461
Marshall, Lee. The Master: The Best Things Take Time (film review), 504-513
Miller, Gordon. Discoveries of the New World and Beyond, 70-91
Nash, Roger. A Non-Euclidean Life (verse), 150
Neufeldt, Leonard. Winter Solstice (verse), 628
Penny, Michael. Queen of Capilano (verse), 302-303
Pepper, Kaija. Camille/Rodin (dance review), 430-439
Perreault, Wilf. Variations on an Alley Scene (painting), 610-615
Porter, Anna. Midnight in Paris: A Moveable Feast (film review). 26-33
Porter, Anna. Shakespeare and Company: At Home with Books, 560-567
Posner, Michael. The Year in Cinema, 6-17
Posner, Michael. Tony Nardi: Lonely Voice in Canada's Cultural Wilderness, 326-335
Recht, Roland. Nicolas de Leyde and the Modern Eye, 486-493
Simonds, Merilyn. The Paradise Project, 284-301
Simons, Karen. On Greek and the Death of Hector, 346-357
Simpson, Jeffrey. Saskatchewan and the Difficult Birth of Medicare, 270-283
Summerlee, Alastair J. S. (with Gavin R. Armstrong), Remember July 20, 2011: Famine in the Horn of Africa, 514-523
Teleky, Richard. The Life of Inanimate Objects, 46-57
West, Alana. The Spirit of Illusion: Frederick Henry Evans (photography),204-213

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