Annual Archive and Past Issues

Annual Author Index - 2013


Berger, John. Mother's Stories, 150-151
Berman, Rachel. The Struggle with Self, 282-289
Bowers, Rick. Professor Patrick Geddes and the Edinburgh Roof Cat, 118-129
Britt, Alan. Tattoos (verse), 314-315
Clausen, Christopher. Richard III's Bones and the Glamour of Evil, 168-177
Clausen, Christopher. Little Brother Is Watching You, 340-347
Clausen, Christopher, Newspapers Die Again, 510-517
De Witt, David. Miracles and Morals Artists and the Book of Tobit, 248-263
Dodge, David A. Incentives, Risk, and Innovation: On the Importance of the Freedom to Fail, 70-77
Dowbiggin, Ian. The Art of Medicine: Clinic and Compassion in Nineteenth-Century Psychiatry, 60-69
Eatock, Colin. Marc-André Hamelin: On the Road Less Travelled (interview), 290-301
Edwards, Joanne. Reading Dickens (verse), 148
Ferguson, Niall. The Shady Side of the Street, 78-87
Flores, Raúl Gallardo. Iceland Air (verse), 146-147
Fraser, Sylvia. Berlin: A City Transformed by Art and Remembrance, 226-233
Friebert, Stuart. Death-Qualified (verse), 318-319
Friesen, Eric. Aaron Copland: The Dance of Spring, 96-105
Friesen, Eric. The Artist as a Child, 436-443
Friesen, Eric. A Late Quartet: When Gods Are Human (film review), 524-533
Fulford, Robert. Walter Benjamin, the Flâneur, and the Confetti of History, 28-35
Fulford, Robert. The Inscrutable Mystery of Faces, 186-193
Fulford, Robert. Ruined Landscapes of Memory, 374-387
Fulford, Robert. The Munro Woman, 488-497
Gibson, Brian. Bleeding Red, White, and Yellow: Ghosts of World Championships Past, 424-435
Grady, Wayne. Acadia, Acadia!, 498-509
Guthrie, Hamish. The Evangelist (verse), 144-145
Hall, Michael. Arrival (Pearson International Airport) (verse), 142-143
Impressionism and Fashion, Musée d'Orsay, 36-49

Kingwell, Mark. Being Dandy: A Sort of Manifesto, 18-26
Kresan, Dawn Marie. The Birds (1963): Tippi Hedren's Response (verse), 464-467
Langton, Daniel J. Souvenirs (verse), 138
Lavers, Michael. Anon. (verse), 140
Leys, Simon. In the Light of Friendship: Simone Weil, Czeslaw Milosz, and Albert Camus, 178-185
Littler, William. On the Hunt for Greatness, 88-95
Logan, Murray. Black and White (fiction), 600-613
Luanco, Mercedes, A New Encounter, 556-567
McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Landscapes Through the Lens: Edward Burtynsky and Ansel Adams, 348-359
Marshall, Lee. 007: The Most Fashionable Man on the Big Screen (film review), 8-17
Marshall, Lee. Gatsby Forever (film review), 194-205
Marshall, Lee. Upstream Color: Nature, Love, Survival (film review), 444-453
Marshall, Lee. Watermark: The Flow of the Planet (film review), 586-599
Masri, Amal. Fadwa Tuqan Mentors a Girl Who Wants to Write Nablus (verse), 622-623
Masri, Amal. Gone (verse), 624-625
Montgomery, John D. The Next Thousand Years, 206-217
Neilson, Shane. The Field Our Own (fiction), 454-463
Ponomareff, Constantin V. The Metaphor of Loss in Vladimir Nabokov's Speak Memory, 402-413
Porter, Anna. Amour: No Gentle End (film review), 274-281
Porter, Anna. The Mexican Suitcase and Other Stories about Capa, Taro, and Ted Allen, 328-339
Porter, Anna. Houghton Revisited, 544-555
Posner, Michael. Image World, 234-247
Powell, Garry Craig. Sentence, 218-225
Prior, Tim. Cold (verse), 614-615
Rewa, Natalie. François Barbeau: The Anatomy of Costumes, 50-59
Robert, Denis. Venezia, 106-117
Royal Ontario Museum. Mesopotamia: Inventing Our World, 360-373
Salih, Sara. For My Father, Not Yet Dead, 534-543
Schneider, Aaron. A Brief History of Time (verse), 316
Sherman, Kenneth. The Master of Repetition, 568-573
Shubik, Martin. The Passing of the Fleet (verse), 468-469
Sôderlind, Sylvia. The Joy of Reading, 388-401
Soderstrom, Mary. Ancient Faults (fiction), 130-137
Sorestad, Glen. The Wind Blew Inside His Head. (verse), 616-617
Teleky, Richard. The Taste for Fiction: Re-Reading Novels, Reading the Self, 414-423
Unrau, John. In That Dawn (verse), 470-473
Unwin, Peter. An Accomplished Man (verse), 618
Unwin, Peter. Less Than Half (verse), 620-621
Vancouver Art Gallery. Patrick Faigenbaum, 264-273
Van Loon, Jean. Stardust (fiction), 302-313
Wolton, Dominique. Virtual Illusion, 518-523