Annual Archive and Past Issues

Annual Author Index - VOLUME 122 2015

Abley, Mark. Egret Song (verse), 616
Abley, Mark. Zoo (verse), 618
Abley, Mark. The Floating World (verse), 620-621
Art Gallery of Ontario. Picturing the Americas, 530-543
Bie Brahic, Beverley. Leitmotif (verse), 614-615
Bie Brahic, Beverley. New Year (verse), 612
Bowling, Tim. The Common Currency of Life, 395-403
Camp, Roger. The Singing Ortizes (verse), 464-465
Clausen, Christopher. A Curse in the Blood, 40-51
Clausen, Christopher. After Obama, 204-215
Clausen, Christopher. The Great Trick-or-Treat, 382-394
Craig, Philip. The Skill of Painting, 280-295
Day, David. Alice: The Oldest Story in the World, 242-259
De Giacomo, Rocco. Little Ava Cries in Her Arms (verse), 304-305
Eatock, Colin. Apocalypsis: A Wondrous Vision, 440-451
Friesen, Eric. The Road Not Taken, 234-241
Friesen, Eric. Saying Goodbye ...404-413
Friesen, Eric. A Prairie Boy's Christmas Vision, 596-609
Giangrande, Carole. Spring Unsettled (verse), 296-297
Guthrie, Hamish. Esperanza (verse), 150-151
Guthrie, Hamish. Old Jimmy (verse), 152 -153
Hall, Michael. Detour (verse), 299
Hall, Michael. Waiting Room (verse), 301
Hamm, Jean-Jacques N. Yet Another War, 360-371
Humphreys, Helen. The Pond (fiction), 272-279
Humphreys, Helen. Natural History II (fiction), 584-595
Hunt, Wayne A. Heroes of a New Revolution: The Push-Back Against the Surveillance State, 192-203
Hunt, Wayne A. War and Peace in a Robotic Future, 560-573
Hynes, Maureen. Gweedore, 1830s (Bonfire) (verse), 470-471
Justin Carr, Gladys. Martin Amos / Currier & Ives / & You (verse), 302-303
Kenny, William F. Memories and Meaning, 372-381
Laycock, Henry. Palaces of the Moors, 414-427
Levy, Joshua. The Lesser Poets (verse), 468-469
Lewis, Magda. Reflections on a China Voyage, 132-147
Major, Alice. 1. Let Us Compare Cosmologies (verse), 306-307
Major, Alice. 4. The evangelist (verse), 309
Marshall, Lee. Cruel Genius (film review: Whiplash), 108-119
Marshall, Lee. The Real Enigma (film review: The Imitation Game), 180-191
Marshall. Lee. Living with Ghosts (film review: Testament of Youth), 326-337
Marshall, Lee. A Dangerous Direction (film review: Slow West), 518-529
Martin, Sandra. The Literary War: From Patriotism to Cynicism, 166-179
Martini-Dunk, Lisa. Ciao, Bambini, 474-477
McCarthy, Michael. Monica (verse), 154-155
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Marvels and Mirages of Orientalism, 216-233
Moore, Gerald Arthur. Hurricane (verse), 472-473
National Gallery of Canada. Jack Bush: From Commercial Artist to Vanguard Abstract Painter, 120-131
Neufeldt, Leonard. Litany for Alice Munro (verse), 156-157
Neufeldt, Leonard. All She Wanted Was to Move to the City (verse), 158-159
Nicolaisen, Peter. Cousins Across the Sea, 350-359
Penny, Michael. Wake (verse), 466-467
Porter, Anna. A Journey of a Thousand Years, 52-75
Porter, Anna. Deceptions (fiction), 260-271
Posner, Michael. Katherine Hughes: A Singular Journey (review of Pádraig Ó Siadhail's Katherine Hughes: A Life and a Journey) , 26-39
Rapley, John. Adventures on the New Frontier, 574-583
Sampson, Denis. Mavis Gallant and the Authentic Voices of the Dead, 5-15
Sampson, Denis. Seamus Heaney, "World Culture," and the Kitchen Mat, 428-439
Smith, J. Mark. The Richest Boy in the World, 76-91
Šukys, Julija. The Missouri Compromise, 92-107
Šukys, Julija. The Still Small Voice, 486-495
Teleky, Richard. The Road to Kamouraska, 16-25
Teleky, Richard. All Waltzed Out: Listening for World War I, 338-349
Teleky, Richard. The Cyborgs Next Door, 506-517
Unwin, Peter. "Strong-Backed and Neat-Bound": Charles Lamb on the Dressing and Undressing of the Book, 496-505
Van Loon, Jean. Sound Tracks (fiction), 452-463
Wayman, Tom. The Table (verse), 610-611
Williams, Tom. The Four Corners, 544-559