Annual Archive and Past Issues

Annual Author Index - VOLUME 124 2017

Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Road Trip Across Canada with Alan C. Collier, 428-447
Art Gallery of Ontario. Mystical Landscapes: Masterpieces from Monet, Van Gogh and More, 100-111
Babington, Douglas. Bivouac Prayers, 332-347
Baker, Rob. A Letter to Queen's, 292-293
Bragg, Mary Lee. The Literature of Snow (verse), 612-613
Budd, Carol Ann. A Letter to Queen's, 295-297
Canadian War Museum. Vimy: The History of an Idea, 184-199
Clausen, Christopher. Rereading Aunt Jane, 500-509
Clink, David. Umbrellas (verse), 282
Clink, David. Long Shadows (verse), 284-285
Coutré, Jacquelyn N. Alfred Bader: Portrait of an Art Collector, 414-427
Culbreath, Zhaodi. A Letter to Queen's, 298-299
David, Daniel. Laundry (verse), 466-467
Davies, Joe. Working-Class Hero (fiction), 136-145
Deahl, James. High Iron Walker (verse), 614-615
Fraser, Don. Inuit Dreams (fiction), 260-271
Friesen, Eric. Getting to Spring, 126-135
Friesen, Eric. The Far Side of Time, 362-369
Friesen, Patrick. wrong, he said (verse), 468
Gerry, Thomas. Becoming Human Gods (review of Yuval Noah Harari's Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow), 216-225
Gerry, Thomas. Things That Don't Fossilize (review of Claire Cameron's The Last Neanderthal), 566-575
Guthrie, Hamish. Churches (verse), 146-147
Howerow, Louisa. ici il ne se passa strictement rien (verse), 470-471
Humphreys, Helen. Childhood, 448-463
Ingram Gallery. Sean Yelland: sonder, 236-247
Langton, Daniel J. For All We Know (verse), 616-617
Lovell, W. George. A Man and an Island: Eduardo Galeano and the Cuban Conundrum, 72-87
Luftig, Richard. The Old House (verse), 472-473
Lukits, Steve. The Loser and the Patrician: The Making of a Canadian War Story, 58-71
Lukits, Steve. Dancing in the Sky: Billy Bishop Goes to War and Our Most Famous Canadian War Hero, 200-215
Lukits, Steve. Dunkirk Illusions (film review: Dunkirk), 526-541
McCarthy, Michael. Autumn (verse), 622
McCarthy, Michael. Margaret (verse), 624
McHarg, Marilyn. A Letter to Queen's, 302-303
MacKay, Robin. Nanook of the North: All the World's a Stage, 248-259
MacKay, Robin. Nell Shipman: One Woman in Her Time Plays Many Parts, 348-361
Macmillan, Kathleen. A Letter to Queen's, 300-301
Margoshes, Dave. This train don't carry no gamblers (verse), 474-475
Marshall, Lee. The Other Side of the Screen (film review: Snowden), 46-57
Marshall, Lee. Poetic Patterns (film review: Paterson), 370-381
Marshall, Lee. A Wicked Trip (film review: Good Time), 588-597
Moore, George. Something, but Hidden (verse), 148-149
Moore, Gerald Arthur. Salamatu (verse), 620-621
Nash, Roger. A Hummingbird's Iridescence (Selasphorus Rufus) (verse), 278
Nash, Roger. Weather Forecast (verse), 280-281
Oke, Chris. Origins (Wreck) (verse), 618
Palk, Barb. A Letter to Queen's, 304-305
Pellicano, France. "Gypsy," 382-397
Penny, Michael. Myosotis (verse), 150-151
Pitt, Dennis. War: A Major Benefit to Surgery, 542-553
Porter, Anna. Jack Rabinovitch, 1930-2017, 326-331
Porter, Anna. The Appraisal (fiction), 554-565
Posner, Michael. The Declaration, 6-19
Posner, Michael. That's How the Light Gets In: Remembering Leonard Cohen, 510-525
Reaume, Jake. A Letter to Queen's, 306-307
Reaume, Luke. A Letter to Queen's, 306-307
Richardson, Peter. Benchmark Limousine (verse), 154-155
Richardson, Peter. Couple in a Grassy Undertow (verse), 156-157
Rodenburg, Mieke. Annora Brown's Alberta Wildflowers, 226-237
Rutka, James T. A Letter to Queen's, 309-311
Sampson, Denis. Georges Seurat à Port-en-Bessin, 88-99
Sampson, Fiona A. A Letter to Queen's, 313-315
Saul, John Ralston. Across the Great Divide, 166-183
Simonds, Merilyn. Gutenberg's Fingerprint, 112-125
Taylor, Rob. Oldupai, 576-587
Teleky, Richard. Post-Heroism?, 34-45
Velshi, Ali. A Letter to Queen's, 317-319
Victor, Ken. Handiwork (verse), 152-153
Vilarem, Laurent. In the Camps of the Roma, 398-413
Weizman, Janice. Through a Geography of Millennia: The Quest for a Train Route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, 20-33
Whiteley, Robert. Leaving on a Jet Plane (verse), 274
Whiteley, Robert. Turn Back Time (verse), 276-277
Woolf, Daniel. A Letter to Queen's, 289-291
Yachnin, Paul. Alzheimer's Disease: What Would Shakespeare Do?, 486-499