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Annual Author Index - 1997


Akenson, Donald Harman. Winnie-the-Pooh and the Jesus Seminar, 645-58
Barton, John. The Crisis of Lyricism (verse), 560-1
Baud, Philippe. Childhood Memories, 426-35
Birdsall, William. The Ideology of Information Technology, 287-99
Brecher, Irving. The End of Compassion? A Wake-up Call for Canada, 757-61
Butson, Barry. Making It Last (verse), 183
Callan, Lori. Shades of Awareness (verse), 176-7
Clausen, Christopher. America's Abiding Dilemma, 713-24
Coates, Lisa. A Summer Walk through Frogner Park, 344-50
Compton, Anne. In the Fall I Remember (verse), 565
Dagg, Anne Innis. Prestige, Power and the Naming of Brown Bears, 97-106
Duffy, Dennis. Tom Swift and His Electronic Assembly Line, 261-74
Everett-Green, Robert.Information, Please, 201-9
_____. Bottom's Dream (fiction), 167-75
Feldman, Seth. Our Regularly Scheduled Paradigm Shift, 211-7
Fell, Albert. Deadly Truth (review of Lawrence Lampert's Nietzsche and Modern Times: A Study of Bacon, Descartes, and Nietzsche), 121-5
Fulford, Robert. The Young in History's Stream: Generation X and the Survival of Tradition, 587-602
Gerry, Tom. It Is the Frame of the Mirror that Grips Your Heart (review of David P. Silcox's Painting Place: The Life and Work of David B. Milne), 137-49
_____. Thomas Edison: The Wizard Lives, 277-84
Grove, J.W. The Most Valuable Cargo (review of David Zimmerman's The Tizard Mission and the Scientific War and Robert Buderi's The Invention that Changed the World), 725-35
Guthrie, Hamish. The Man Who Hated Government (verse), 753
Hadwen, Alden. Morn (for Ken Saro Wiwa)(verse), 752
Hall, Vivienne. Canada: Land of Promise and Cold Reality, 415-25
Haller, Aurian. Postcards of an Old Vienna (verse), 377
Hamelin, Christine. Where Money Grew on Trees, 437-49
Hoffman, Tod. Treasons and Loyalties, 31-45
_____. Homicide: Reality and Realism, 219-31
_____. Le Carré Weaves through Greeneland (review of John le Carré's The Tailor of Panama), 499-509
Horne Lewis. Another Look (verse), 179
Hundert, E. J. Stalin and My Father, 367-75
Hunt, Wayne. Letter from London: New Orchestra, Same Tune, 301-7
Hurka, Thomas. Philosophy, Morality, and The English Patient, 47-55
Ignatieff, Michael. The Decline and Fall of the Public Intellectual, 395-403
Jaeger, Suzanne. Red Shoes and Roses, 479-85
Johannesen, S. K. The Birth of Love, 539-55
Kalman, Judith. The New World, 525-36
Karan, Paul. Echoes in the Corners (verse), 178
Keith, W. J. The Crisis in Contemporary Education (review of David Solway's Lying About the Wolf), 511-20
Kennedy, Thomas. The Lie That Yields the Truth (review of Jennifer Johnston's The Illusionist), 330-1
_____. Carl Czerny:In the Shadow of Beethoven, 487-97
Le Dressay, Anne. Nothing is Forever (verse), 378-9
Lee, Father Owen. Wholly Different Reasons, 185-91
Litovitz, Malca. Passion and Fruit, (review of Jeanette Winterson's Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, Written on the Body, Gut Symmetries), 333-41
_____. Fruity (verse), 342-3
Littlewolfe, Lea. hot night (verse), 563
Logan, Murray. Black and White (fiction), 71-82
Luzzi, Joyce K. New Apples (verse), 380
McCarthy, Michael. Sam Goslings' Corner (verse), 382
McCutcheon, Russell. The History of God: "Just the Same Game Wherever You Go"? (review of Karen Armstrong's A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), 617-33
Malcolmson, Patricia. Women of Power (review of Jo Ann Kay McNamara's Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns through Two Millennia and Women and Religion in Mediaeval and Renaissance Italy, edited by Daniel Bornstein and Roberto Rusconi), 605-15
Malito, Giovanni. The Future of an Illusion (verse), 754
Miles, Murray. Philosophy and Liberal Learning, 84-95
Moodley, Kogila. Playground Robben Island?, 461-4
Neusner, Jacob. God Meets Holy Israel in the Music of the Schoolhouse, 681-9
Osborne, John. From Byzantium to Istanbul (review of John Julius Norwich's A Short History of Byzantium), 635-43
Penny, Michael. After Rain (verse), 381
Poyatos, Fernando. Mount Athos: Soul's Haven on Earth, 660-79
Reynhardt, Truida. The Muskeljaatkat (fiction), 637-48
Roazen, Paul.Wittgenstein and Althusser: Two Friends Analyzing Freud, 127-35
_____. Finding Oneself in Exile, 405-13
Salutin, Rick. Last Call from Harold Innis, 245-59
Saul, John Ralston. Across the Great Divide, 9-28
Schecter, Stephen. Husserl's Fifth Cartesian Meditation (fiction), 151-65
Segal, Hugh. In Defence of Democratic Debate, 570-2
Sens, Jean-Mark. Visit (verse) 567-8
Sherman, Kenneth. The Tailor Shop, 451-9
_____. The Cold (verse), 751
Shirley, Robert. Faith and Freedom, 691-711
Skene, K.V. Don't Turn Your Back on the Ocean (verse), 180-2
Todd, Tamsin. On Suits and Other Habits (fiction), 352-65
Wachtel, Eleanor. Jennifer Johnston Interviewed, 319-29
Welch, Liliane. E morta la scrittrice, aveva 75 anni (verse), 559
Werner-King, Janeen. doing the family laundry (verse), 383
Yacowar, Maurice. Love versus Honour (film review: Donnie Brasco and Sling Blade), 57-69
_____. Against the Hollywood Grain (Film review: Trainspotting and Brassed Off!), 233-42
_____. An Expatriate's Film (film review: Face/Off), 469-77
Zuk, Edward. On a Photograph of L.N. Tolstoy (verse), 755

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