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Annual Author Index - 1998


Allison, John. Several (verse), 313
Andreas, Peter. The Rise of the American Crimefare State, 49-58
Bell, Fraser. Play Up, Play Up, and Stick It to Them!, 351-6
Blissett, William. The Play's the Thing: Play Ball!, 357-72
Bloom, Ronna. Toast (verse), 629
Boniface, Pascal. Emotion and Disinformation, 155-7
_____. The Geopolitics of Soccer, 345-50
Brooks, Reva. Photographer Extraordinaire, 434-44
Charney, Ann. Homeless in Venice (fiction), 445-57
Cox, Terrance. Noises Off (verse), 310-11
Drummond, Michael. Lonesome Traveler (verse), 309
Duffy, Dennis. Behind the Blackface (review of Ken Emerson's Doo-Dah! Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture), 73-82
Dwyer, Deirdre. Dear Agatha (verse), 145
Fisher, Joe. A Boy's Summer (verse), 317
Francis, Daniel. Myth and History, 473-5
Grady, Wayne. Acadia, Acadia!, 383-91
Greenspan, Edward, Andrew Matheson, Ronald Davis, Discipline and Parole,9-29
Gunn, J.A.W., The Old School, (review of Graham Midgley's University Life in Eighteenth-century Oxford), 83-94
Henighan, Stephen. Two Pleas (fiction), 458-64
Hewitt Mann, Joy. On Visiting the Renoir Exhibit, Ottawa, 1997 (verse), 468
Hoffman, Tod. Paul Theroux's Travels, 195-204
_____. History as Conspiracy, 392-406
_____. The Informants, 529-40
Jaeger, Suzanne. Intimacy in the Theatre: Transgressions between Dancer and Dance Lover, 106-16
_____. The Years of Pilgrimage, 579-84
Jarman, Mark Anthony. Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World (fiction), 287-306
Keeling, Ian Donald. The River in Reverse (verse), 630
Kilpatrick, Ross. Winnie-the-Pooh and the Canadian Connection, 619-27
Kingwell, Mark.Commodity and Culture: The Object in Question, 489-511
Kordan, Bohdan. Eastern Europe: Ideology, Culture, and the Self, 117-28
Leighten, Patricia. Picasso's Century, 217-28
Litovitz, Malca. Huck Finn, Barbara Kingsolver, and the American Dream, (review of Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees, Animal Dreams, Pigs in Heaven, High Tide in Tucson), 601-10
Luther, Kem. Boundary Layer, 129-38
Malcolmson, Patricia. Travel in the Mind: A Memoir of Childhood, 277-86
Manos, Kenna Creer. My Cousin Owns Two Days of Land (verse), 470
McCallum, Paddy. Witness (verse), 314
McCormick, Gordon. The Revolutionary Odyssey of Che Guevara, 169-87
McNamara, Eugene. The Island of Sponges (fiction), 243-55
McOrmond, Steve. to silence the earth (verse), 149
Poyatos, Fernando. Byroads to the Past: Spanish Travel Notes, 256-76
Rapoport, Anatol. Hysteria, Witch Hunts, and Whistle Blowers, 513-27
Rice, David. The Road to Tobermory (verse), 147
Roazen, Paul. You Say You Want a Revolution? (review of Roger Rosenblatt's Coming Apart: A Memoir of the Harvard Wars of 1969), 59-64
_____. So Close to the Edge, (review of Aleksandr Fursenko's and Timothy Naftali's "One Hell of a Gamble": Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-1964), 187-94
_____. The Holocaust in History's Mirrors, 373-82
Rombout, Melissa. Approaching the Legends of Yousuf Karsh, 586-99
Smith, Judy. Sabotage on the Rigs (fiction), 139-44
Snider, Lauren. Understanding the Second Great Confinement, 29-48
Steeves, Andrew. If Historians Traced the Divine One's Missing Years Through His
Hand-crafted Furnishings
(verse), 628
_____. When Your Grandfather Sells the Farm You Miss His Kitchen Floor (verse), 152-3
Swift, Jamie. The Last Intellectual (review of John Ralston Saul's Reflections of a Siamese Twin: Canada at the End of the Twentieth Century), 65-72
Taylor, Charles. Globalization and the Future of Canada, 331-44
Thornton, A.P. Balfour and Zionism, 557-76
Tincknell, Gary. Approaching Train (verse), 151
Unwin, Peter. Used Cars (fiction), 611-17
Wachtel, Eleanor. Umberto Eco Interviewed, 205-16
Ward, Bruce. Canadian Reflections on a Russian in Dresden, 407-21
Wayman, Tom. Sorry My Paper is Late, but (verse), 465
_____. Anthem: Under the Horned Moon (verse), 466
Yacowar, Maurice. Reconstructing Woody (film review), 95-105
_____. Primary Colors: Beyond Willy (film review), 229-42
_____. Thirteen Ways of Looking at The Truman Show (film review), 422-33
_____. Negotiating the Loner, 543-55
Zydek, Fredrick. Edging in on the Dreamtime (verse), 631

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