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Annual Author Index - 1999


Almon, Bert. The Undertow (verse), 476-7
Babington, Doug. The Eminent Sweet Shop, 437-51
Bell, Fraser. For the Cause: The Intellectuals and the Spanish Civil War, 259-69
_____. A Botched Civilization, 567-76
Bowers, Rick. Montaigne and Me at Forty (fiction), 461-71
Bowling, Tim.The Last Season (fiction), 135-45
_____. Old Man Dunne (verse), 148-9
_____. Cemetery at Olds, Alberta (en route to the Rockies for the weekend) (verse), 151
Bradshaw, Leah.Men in Part (review of Tom Wolfe's A Man in Full and Matt Cohen's Elizabeth and After), 603-10
Clausen, Christopher. Nostalgia, Freedom, and the End of Cultures, 233-44
Daum Shanks, Signa A. Pick a town, any town, Saskatchewan (July 1955) (verse), 628-9 Downie, Glen. The Fattest Man in Switzerland (verse), 626
Driedger, Diane. Jamaica arrival 1988 (verse), 308-9
Dwyer, Deirdre.The Asteroid 1989 FC (verse), 625
Dyer, Gwynne. The End of History? The End of War? 489-504
Ferris, Hank.The Postmodern Brain (verse), 146-7
Forsdyke, Donald. The Origin of Species Revisited, 113-32
Gerry, Tom. Extremes Meet: Elizabeth Simcoe's Birchbark Landscapes, 588-601
Grindley, Carl James. em>A Few More Years And (verse), 627
Grove, J. W. The Face of Science at the End of the Twentieth Century, 383-92
_____. More Light on Heisenberg, 535-43
Gunn, J.A.W. Many Good Things: Isaiah Berlin's Moral Pluralism, 181-93
Hadwen, Alden. Bathyscaphe (verse), 73
Haller, Aurian. Sand (verse), 312
Hoffman, Roald. One Asks (verse), 153
Hoffman, Tod. And So It Happens Again (review of Philip Gourevitch's We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families and Gérard Prunier's The Rwanda Crisis), 93-101
_____. Infinite Suspicion: The File on Herbert Norman (film review: The Man Who Might Have Been: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Herbert Norman, directed by John Kramer), 247-57
_____. Shadow on the Presidency (review of Bob Woodward's Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate), 429-35
Ignatieff, Michael.Stronger than We Feel, 35-41
Irie, Kevin. A Canadian in Venice (verse), 630-1
Jaeger, Suzanne.Swan Lake, 283-290
Jane Corkin Gallery.Abandoned Industrial Sites, 62-72
Kingwell, Mark. The Mirror Image: Infinite Reflections on the Public Good, 51-61
_____. The Banality of Evil, the Evil of Banality, 343-65
Finkielkraut, Alain. The Survival of Culture, 195-205
Krakofsky, Shel. How to Call a Home Run (verse), 313
Laughton, Bruce. Honoré Daumier: Painter of Cartoonist?, 271-81
Laxer, James. Reflections of the Public Good in the New Gilded Age, 17-25
McCarthy, Michael. The Visit (verse), 478
McCaslin, Susan. Sometimes when Reading (verse), 473
McKay, Don. Remembering Apparatus: Poetry and the Visibility of Tools, 393-402
McQuaig, Linda. A Matter of Will, 9-15
Montgomery, John D. The Next Thousand Years, 329-41
Murray, Ben. Memory Dearest (verse), 307
Naves, Elaine. Michael Ignatieff Interviewed, 169-80
Norcliffe, James. the kids are smoking (verse), 310-11
Perry, Richard. Sergiu Celibidache and the Eternal Moment, 417-26
Pincivero, Ann Marie. Leonard Cohen (verse), 474-5
Rabinovitch, Victor. Method and Success in Canada's Cultural Policies, 233-44
Rae, Bob. The Deficit Demon, 27-33
Roazen, Paul. The Strange Case of Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers, 519-33
Runte, Roseann. Opening Minds and Educational Boxes, 155-6
Rushton, Michael. The Economics of Culture and the Culture of Economics, 315-18
Ruzesky, Jay. The Sky That Night (verse), 306
Salutin, Rick. National Cultures in the Age of Globalization: The Case of Canada, 207-15
Saul, John Ralston. Hypnotic Clarity versus the Conscious Citizen, 43-9
Sismondo, Sergio. Scepticism and Authority in Popular Science (review of Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World and Richard Dawkin's Unweaving the Rainbow), 103-11
Thornton, A. P. The Past is Another Country, 505-17
Tilberg, Mary. In Stone (fiction), 612-24
Wachtel, Eleanor. Bernhard Schlink Interviewed, 545-55
_____. interviews Olivier Todd Albert Camus: Prophet of Our Age, 367-381
Wearing, Alison. Arrival, 293-304
Yacowar, Maurice. Prints of Denial Life is Beautiful and Prince of Egypt (film review), 77-91
_____. Besieged: Not a Love Story (film review), 405-15
_____. Run Lola Run: Renn for Your Life (film review), 557-65
Young, Robert J. Hitler's Early Critics: Canadian Resistance at the Winnipeg Free Press,

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