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QUBS Workshops

Once again Richard Aaron led his wonderful Fabulous Fall Fungi Workshops - this year three times.

Eco-Adventure Camp

Once again we ran this camp for young people aged 10-14 focusing on exploring nature and the environment, as well as outdoor activities like hiking and canoeing. It is held at our Elbow Lake Environmental Education facility.

QUBS Seminars

Date Speaker Talk Title
6 May       Stephen Lougheed
Queen's University
Southern South American Biodiversity: Biogeographic Perspectives on Species Origins.
13 May       William Halliday
University of Ottawa
What ecological factor is most important to habitat selection by northern snakes?
20 May       Steve Lukits
Royal Military College
Mon pays c'est l'hiver: Winter at Opinicon.
27 May       Austin J. Gallagher
University of Mi
ami/Carleton University
Unraveling the mysteries of the largest predator in tropical waters, the tiger shark.
3 June      Chris Elvidge
Carleton University
Dealing with fear: the cognitive ecology of predator-prey interactions.
10 June      Amanda Tracey
Queen's University
Reflecting on seven field seasons at the Queen's University Biological Station.
17 June      Haley Kenyon
Queen's University
Genes vs. culture: Bird song across a hybrid zone.
24 June      Laura Schoenle
Virginia Tech
Avian malaria in red-winged blackbirds: Putting stress to the test.
1 July      Paul Finigan
Queen's Universi
Littoral fish community changes in Southeastern Ontario.
8 July      David Clark
The Catholic University of America
Bones of contention - zooarchaeology and interpreting past human foodways.
15 July      Adam Meyer
Queen's University
The fitness consequences of daily vertical migration: What controlling behaviour with robots can tell us about the maintenance of behavioural diversity in Daphnia.
22 July      Bruce Gray
Operations Officer for Diving at Environment Canada
How to blow bubbles and make a career out of it - Scientific diving and research in Canada.
29 July      James Sinclair
Queen's University
Strength in size or numbers – disentangling the factors involved in the establishment of non-native species.
5 August     Julia Colm
Queen's University
 Ecology of imperiled grass pickerel: Predicting distributions and examining factors in their decline.
12 August     Jim Austin
University of Florida
Life is a beach: Conservation research on an endangered beach mouse.
19 August    Marvin Gunderman
McMaster University
Spineless creatures: Their fantastic and curious world.
26 August    

Steve Lougheed
Queen's University

My favourite species and why.

QUBS Open House

Sunday June 28nd noon-3:00 pm 2015.

This year celebrating the 70th anniversary of our founding! We also had the grand opening of our new Jessie V. Deslauriers, BA’87, BSc’91. Centre for Biology, the Jack Hambleton Library, and the new digs for the Fowler Herbarium. There were displays created by our researchers and summer interns of ongoing research projects, local diversity and conservation initiatives. We also had tours of the facilities and local hikes.







QUBS Community Dinner














Remembering Turid Forsyth

When: Saturday, Aug. 16 2 p.m. to 5 p.m

Where: Queen’s University Biological Station

QUBS will provide the venue for all those who knew Turid to meet, chat, and reminisce. There will be some words of tribute to honour Turid's memory - all are welcome to participate. Four of Turid's paintings permanently adorn our lodge and we encourage people to bring photos of Turid, and their recollections to share with the group.

QUBS will provide finger foods and drinks (lemonade, coffee, tea).​ 

Please join us for a casual afternoon of remembrance and celebration of Turid's life.

QUBS Workshops

Fabulous Fall Fungi Workshop 2014 with Richard Aaron.

























Further details on the Fabulous Fall Fungi workshops and how to register provided | here |

QUBS Seminars for 2014

Date Speaker Talk Title
30 April Steve Lougheed
Queen's University
 A travelogue of Australia: Biodiversity in northern Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Sapphire Coast.
7 May Gabriel Blouin-Demers
University of Ottawa
 Solving an evolutionary puzzle: the maintenance of within population polymorphism.
14 May Chris Eckert
Queen's University
 Why range limits? Ecology, evolution and conservation.
21 May Beth MacDougall-Shackleton
Western University
 Birdsong: a window to the past, present and future.
28 May Laurene Ratcliffe
Queen's University
Annual variation in American Redstart plumage ornaments is predicted by the weather.  
4 June Scott Colborne
stern University
Foraging ecology, sexual selection, and speciation in the sunfish of eastern Ontario.
11 June Julie Claussen
Illinois Natural History Survey
Can social media make you a better scientist?
18 June StevLougheed
Queen's University
Internationalization at QUBS. Deepening Connections to China and the Yangtze River.
25 June Dave Philipp
Illinois Natural History Survey
Short-term and long-term impacts of angling on bass.
2 July Bruce P. Smith and Kit E. Muma
Biology Dept., Ithaca College
Kiwis and Kokakos: Wildlife Conservation in New Zealand
9 July Mike Runtz
Carleton University
Nature of Algonquin
16 July Becky Taylor
Queen's Univ
The seabirds of Ascension Island and the evolution of seasonal populations of the band-rumped storm-petrel (Oceanodroma castro)
23 July Adrien Djomo
Queen's Univer
Africa's contribution to the Earth's sustainability: A case study of Cameroon.
30 July Marv Gunderman
McMaster University
Insects of the cloud forests of Honduras.
6 August Neal Scott
hy, Queen's University
Watching forests grow – changes in the future and legacies of the past.
13 August Catherine Dale
Queen's University
Should I stay or should I go?  Causes and consequences of partial migration in western bluebirds.
20 August Shelley Arnott
Queen's University
 Disentangling the relative importance of local- versus regional-scale processes on community response to environmental change.
20 August Grégory Bulté
Carleton University
Thinking inside the box: lessons from turtles.

QUBS Open House

Held Sunday June 22nd noon-3:00 pm 2014. We had displays of ongoing research projects, local diversity and conservation initiatives. Also tours of the facilities and habitats. Light refreshments were served.


Open House

The annual QUBS Open House was held on Sunday June 23rd noon-3:00 pm. As always there were displays of ongoing research projects, local diversity, and conservation initiatives, tours of the facilities and local habitats,

QUBS Workshops

Fabulous Fall Fungi. Tuesday October 1 (8pm) to Friday October 4 (4pm) 2013. Instructor: Richard Aaron.

Tree swallow box-nesting bird workshop. Saturday July 6th, 2013. Instructor: Fran Bonier

QUBS Seminars

  • Wednesday May 8 Steve Lougheed (Queen's). An illustrated natural history travelogue of Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Monday May 13 Nick Cairns and Lauren Stoot (Ottawa and Carleton). Freshwater turtle bycatch: determining the threat and looking for solutions.
  • Wednesday May 15 Chris Baird (Queen's University). Mercury biomagnification trends near and away from contaminated sites in the St. Lawrence River.
  • Wednesday May 22 Bill Halliday (Ottawa) Interference competition leads to apparent predation risk with sympatric voles.
  • Wednesday May 29 Ignacio Moore (Virginia Tech) Seasonal reproduction, neuroplasticity, and population divergence in an equatorial bird.
  • Wednesday June 5 Trevor Pitcher (Univ. Windsor) Competitive reproductive success and genetic quality: the dualistic role of sperm.
  • Wednesday June 12 Leo Campagna (Queen's University) Exploring the origins of Neotropical avian biodiversity.
  • Wednesday June 19 Valerie Langlois (Royal Military College) How frogs cope with textile dyes?
  • Wednesday June 26 Dan Ardia (Biology, Franklin & Marshall College) Golondrinas de las Americas: Life History Variation inTachycineta Swallows Across the Western Hemisphere.
  • Wednesday July 3 Adam Lendvai (Virginia Tech) Desperate housewives: sexual conflict and the evolution of gender roles.
  • Wednesday July 10 Bruce Cameron (Senior Biologist,  Experimental Diving and Undersea Group Defence R&D Canada) Immunoinflammatory response during decompression stress in Royal Canadian Navy Clearance Divers.
  • Wednesday July 17 Allyson Parker (Queen's University) Sibling Rivalry: the alder flycatcher and the willow flycatcher.
  • Wednesday July 24 Mark Conboy (QUBS) The Best Known Birds: Avian Diversity and Research at Queen's University Biological Station.
  • Wednesday July 31 Steve Lougheed (QUBS) The Secret Life of Frogs.
  • Wednesday Aug 7 Frank Phelan (QUBS) Wild Turkey and Its Reintroduction to Ontario.
  • Wednesday Aug 14 Volker Thomsen (President Ret. St. Lawrence College, VP World Wind Energy Association - Bonn Germany, VP World Wind Energy Institute). Technology and zero growth can create sustainable prosperity for all. How a partnership between community, biology, technology and social market driven economy without growth can be the driver of a sustainable prosperity in harmony with the environment.
  • Wednesday Aug 21 Mike Runtz (Carleton University) Dam Builders: the natural history of beavers and their ponds.
  • Wednesday Aug 28 Marvin Gunderman (McMaster) The Secret Lives of Arthropods.


Open House

The annual QUBS Open House was held on Sunday June 24th 2012. As always there were displays of ongoing research projects, local diversity and conservation initiatives. Tours of the facilities and habitats were also provided.

QUBS Workshops

Fabulous Fall Fungi. Wednesday, Oct 3rd (9:30 am) - Friday Oct. 5th (4:00 pm), 2012. Instructor: Richard Aaron.

QUBS Seminars

  • Wednesday May 16. Laurene Ratcliffe & Anne Mckellar (Queen's University). Title: 10 years of American redstart research.
  • Wednesday May 23. Who we are. QUBS researchers tell the assembled audience a bit about their research and aspirations.  
  • Wednesday May 30. Rob Alvo author of Being a Bird in North America. Title: Common Loon breeding success in relation to lake size and acidity.  
  • Wednesday June 6. Dr. Rosemary Knapp (U Oklahoma). Title: An update on hormonal studies on the alternative male reproductive phenotypes in bluegill sunfish. 
  • Wednesday June 13th Will Kirby (Dalhousie). Title: The hunt for microaerophilic amoebae.  
  • Wednesday June 20th Laura Doubleday (Queen's). Title: Scents and Sensibility: Floral fragrance and pollinator ecology.
  • Wednesday June 27th Mike Runtz (Carleton). Title: The lies that nature tells:  Animal mimicry and floral deceit. Web site.
  • Wednesday July 4th. Dinuka Gunaratne and Garth Cashborne. (York University) Title: Wood Thrush nest predation in fragmented woodlots using mini cameras.
  • Wednesday July 11th. Emily Dobson (Queen's) Saving the last of a species: A short history of artificial insemination and Lonely George.
  • Wednesday July 18th. Steve Lukits (RMC) Uncertain heaven. Round Lake observations 1980-2012.
  • Wednesday July 25th. Lauren Stoot (Carleton) Freshwater turtles and interactions with commercial fisheries.
  • Wednesday August 8. Sarah Wallace (Queen's University). Title: Western Voyaging. Coastal Diversity on Canada's BC Coast.
  • Wednesday August 15. Marvin Gunderman (McMaster). Title. Spineless marvels: Arthropods in your backyard.
  • Wednesday August 29. Samantha Klaus (Queen's). Title. Songs in the key of Spring: Predicting frog calls in eastern Ontario using historic and field-collected climate data

Day excursion from the Joint Evolution Congress.

Friday July 6th. We hosted attendees from 9 countries, who were  shown different facets of our properties and operations.

The J. Allen Keast Field Biology International Exchange Fund Lecture

On Friday August 3 2012 at 7:00 pm renowned evolutionary ecologist and herpetologist Rick Shine delivered a public lecture entitled "Reducing the ecological impact of invasive cane toads in Australia".

Brief Biography

Rick Shine, Professor in Biology, University of Sydney, is one of the most accomplished evolutionary ecologists and herpetologists working in the world today. He is a Member of the Order of Australia, a fellow of the Linnean Society of London, and has been elected as an Honorary Member of the Ecological Society of America, among myriad other honours. He has authored over 700 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 25 book chapters. Dr. Shine’s research spans mating system biology and sexual selection to applied conservation, with primary focus on snakes and lizards. He has been at the forefront of work on invasive species in Australia, and a leader in studying the impact and control of the cane toad. More information can be found at his website.

The talk was sponsored by a fund endowed by a bequest by Queen's Biology Professor Allen Keast.


Open House

The annual QUBS Open House was held on Sunday June 26 12:00-3:00 pm with presentations and displays by researchers, and snacks and refreshments.

QUBS Workshops

  • Nature Up Close and Personal: Macro Photography: 
    When: Saturday August 27th. From 9 am to 4 pm 
    Instructor: Spencer Bardell (Camera Kingston) and Mark Conboy (Queen's University).
  • Fabulous Fall Fungi: 
    When: Wednesday September 28 - Friday September 30, 2011
    Instructor: Richard Aaron.
  • Art in Nature: 
    When: Friday October 14 - Saturday October 15, 2011. 
    Instructor: Marta Scythes.
  • Nature in Winter workshop: 
    When: Evening of Saturday February 26 - late afternoon of Sunday, February 27, 2011.
    Instructor: Mark Conboy.

QUBS Seminars

  • Wednesday 11 May 7:00 pm Paulo C. Pulgarin-R. (University of Lethbridge). Title. The population history of the Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens) in North America: insights from genetics, ecological niche modeling and bioacoustics.
  • Friday 20 May 2011 7:00 pm Connie O’Connor (Carleton University). Title: The Ecology of Stress: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Stress in Wild Fishes. 
  • Wednesday 25 May 7:00 pm Sarah Larocque (Carleton University). Title. Modeling and mitigating freshwater turtle mortality associated with inland hoop net fisheries.
  • Wednesday 1 June 7:00 pm Title: Who we are I. Researchers introduce themselves and their research.
  • Wednesday 8 June 7:00 pm Title: Who we are II. More researchers!
  • Wednesday 15 June 7:00 pm Mark Conboy (Queen's University Biological Station). Title: Land of Rivers: A Brief Natural History of Guyana. Featuring dozens of beautiful photos by Philina English and spanning a myriad of topics including curare (arrow poisons), man-eating fish and the rare and elusive Golden Rocket Frog.
  • Wednesday 22 June 7:00 pm Cory Toth. Title: I think I can take him: Evidence for transitive inference in Black-capped chickadees.
  • Wednesday 29 June 7:00 pm David Sutter. Title: Behavioral and reproductive consequences of an angling-induced selection in Micropterus salmoides.
    Abstract - Behavioral and reproductive consequences of an angling-induced selection in Micropterus salmoides
    Few empirical studies have evaluated the consequences of angling-induced selection (AIS) on fitness in fish. The present study examines potential impacts of AIS on behavior and reproductive success using two lines of largemouth bass (LMB) selected for high (HVF) and low vulnerability to angling (LVF).
  • Wednesday 6 July 7pm. Dr. Bruce Smith (Ithaca College). Title: There’s something about Arrenurus, the perversity of diversity.
    Abstract - Water mites are an extremely successful group of aquatic organisms, however even more remarkable is the genus Arrenurus, which worldwide, represents one of approx. 300  genera, yet 1/6 of all described species.  What are some of the factors  that contribute to the success of this genus?
  • Wednesday 13 July 7pm. Neil Patterson – Local Historian. Title:The history of Opinicon Lake and its surrounding areas (Including the building of the Rideau canal and how it shaped the industries of Eastern Ontario).
  • Wednesday 20 July 7pm. Philina English – Title: Why are Robin’s eggs blue?” (and some pondering thoughts about whip-poor-wills).
  • Wednesday 27 July 7pm. Matt Saunders – Title: Gone Batty: Ecology of local bats.
  • Wednesday 3 August 7pm. Brian Osborne – Title: Building of the Rideau Canal.
  • Wednesday 10 August 7pm. Nick Cairns – Title: Snakes I have known and loved.
  • Wednesday 17 August 7pm. Marvin Gunderman – Title: “What’s Bugging You" Putting names to the faces of some of Ontario’s Arthropods.
  • Wednesday 24 August 7pm. Greg Bulte – Title: Cool things reptiles do.


  • May 12 - QUBS Seminar. Stephen Lougheed (Queen's University) Title: Diversity of East Africa.
  • May 19 - QUBS Seminar. Title: Who we are. Part I. Researchers at QUBS describe their projects in 5 minutes or less. 
  • May 26 - QUBS Seminar. Title: Who we are. Part II. Researchers at QUBS describe their projects in 5 minutes or less.
  • June 2 - QUBS Seminar. Scott Taylor (Queen's University) Title: Boobies, Upwellings, the Pacific Ocean, and Mangoes: thoughts from an adventure in Peru.
  • June 9 - QUBS Seminar.  Mark Conboy (Queen's Title: A rapid-fire bestiary: 50 species in 50 minutes concept: 50 of the most marvelous species at QUBS and the connections between them all.
  • June 16 - QUBS Seminar.  Jenn Foote (Algoma). Title: The dawn chorus communication networks in black-capped chickadees.
  • June 19 - Tribute to Dr. James Fullard. A celebration of the life and accomplishments of James. The event started at 2:00 pm with friends and family providing anecdotes and testimonials. Refreshments were provided.
  • June 23 - QUBS Seminar.  Bruce Tufts (Queen’s University) Title. The future of world fisheries
  • June 26 - Wetland Ecology Workshop (at Elbow Lake Nature Conservancy Reserve).
  • June 26 - A celebration for long-time Assistant Director Floyd Connor, begun at 2:00 pm and ending at 4:00 pm, this was a celebration of Floyd's contributions to QUBS over some 20+ years. There were many anecdotes and photos!
  • June 27 - QUBS Open House. noon-3:00 pm with displays, demonstrations including live animals, presentations and tours. Researchers were hand to answer any questions.
  • June 30 - QUBS Seminar. Vanya Rohwer (Queen’s University) Title. Contributions and controversy of museum collections: Conservation lessons from the past.
  • July 7 - Beaver Pond Ecology workshop [canceled]
  • July 7 - QUBS Seminar. Stephane Courteau (Queen’s University – Physics) Title. Great astronomical discoveries of the 20th Century.
  • July - QUBS Seminar. Troy Murphy (Trinity College, San Antonio, Texas)Title. Dinosaurs, Feathers and the Evolution of Beauty in Bird.
  • July 16-July 18 - Natural History of the Frontenac Axis workshop [canceled]
  • July 21 - QUBS Seminar. Jeff Row and Stephen Lougheed (Queen's University) Title. Landscape approaches to conservation: Snakes on a (fragmented) plain.
  • July 28 - QUBS Seminar.Dr. Fred Scheuler (Bishops Mills Natural History Centre) Title. Thirty years later expedition. [canceled]
  • July 23-July 24 - The Secret Lives of Wildflowers workshop [canceled]
  • July 25 - There Be Dragons: Introduction to Dragonflies and Damselflies workshop. Session 1
  • July 26 - There Be Dragons: Introduction to Dragonflies and Damselflies workshop. Session 2
  • August 7 - Introduction to GPS & GIS workshop  [canceled]
  • August 18 - QUBS Seminar. Speaker: Emily Gonzales (Parks Canada) Title: Parks Canada: where science meets management.
  • August 25 - QUBS Seminar. Greg Bulte (Carleton University) Title:Map turtles at Lake Opinicon. Ecology & Conservation.
  • August 31 - QUBS Community Dinner. Reception started at 5:30pm. Dinner at 6:30pm. See the invitation. 
  • September 19 - Retirement Party for Past QUBS Director Raleigh Robertson. 
  • October 4-October 8 - Fabulous Fall Fungi workshop [canceled]
  • October 15-October 17 - Art in Nature.


  • May 6 QUBS Seminar. Dr. Patrick Weatherhead (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana) Title: Linking snake behaviour to avian nest predation
  • May 13 QUBS Seminar. Dr. Steve Lougheed (Department of Biology, Queen’s University) Title: Putting QUBS on the map: Enhancing electronic resources and research opportunities.
  • May 16 Life Down Under Workshop - a day with Dale Kristensen looking at the creatures not readily seen. Poster with details | here |
  • May 20 QUBS Seminar. Dr. Fran Bonier (Department of Biology, Queen’s University) Title: Field endocrine studies of tree swallows. What do hormone levels tell us about individual fitness?
  • May 23 Field Trip to QUBS, part of Queen's Mini-U.
  • May 27 QUBS Seminar. Dr. Vicki Friesen (Department of Biology, Queen’s University) Title: A Bird in the Bush Administration: marbled murrelet conservation genetics?
  • June 3 QUBS Seminar. Dr. Sara Calhim (Department of Biology, Queen’s University) Title: My what a piece of work are testes.
  • June 10 QUBS Seminar. Jeremy Holden (Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters) Title: Role of NGO Biologists in Fisheries Management.
  • July 5 QUBS Open House Sunday The Open House was held from 12 PM until 3 PM. This family event is a great opportunity to learn about wildlife in the area and see what the scientists at QUBS are up to. There will be displays, demonstrations, presentations and tours. Researchers will be on hand to anwser any questions. Snacks and Refreshments were  provided. 
  • June 13 Keast Fest. An informal celebration of the life of Dr. J Allen Keast at QUBS.  For further information click | here |. To confirm attendance please contact either Frank Phelan or Denise Cameron
  • July 8 QUBS Seminar. Dr. Bruce Tufts (Department of Biology, Queen’s University) Title: A Physiologist's Perspective of the Amazon
  • July 15 QUBS Seminar. Michael Runtz (Carleton University) Title: Killers, lovers, con artists and sex surrogates - the lives of local insects.
  • July 18 – "WaspWatcher" demo and recruiting at QUBS lodge. A new organization called "WaspWatcher" will be at QUBS to talk about and to show participants a fascinating native species of "digger wasp" named Cerceris fumipennisthat collects adult wood boring beetles (Buprestidae) to use as hosts for its larvae.  Apart from being attractive and fascinating (and not stinging humans), these wasps have been shown to be very useful in monitoring for Emerald Ash Borer.  Come and learn about them, sign up, get your official "kit", and join the exciting and potentially very valuable search and monitor program.
  • July 29 QUBS Seminar. Kyle Harris (MNR - Kingston) Title: Bear Wise Program (and other large animal concerns).
  • August 5 QUBS Seminar. Steve Kerr (OMNR Peterborough) Title: A look down under: Fish and Fisheries issues.
  • August 11 QUBS Seminar. Dr. Heather Proctor (University of Alberta) Title: Birds as habitat: the ecology and diversity of avian mites (Arachnida: Acari).
  • August 19 QUBS Seminar. Dave Copplestone or Francine MacDonald (OFAH)  Title: Invasive species and the Invasive Species Program
  • August 26 QUBS Seminar. Simon Lunn (photographer/naturalist) Title: Biodiversity of the Rideau.
  • September 29 - Oct 2 – Fabulous Fall Fungi - a 2.5 day workshop with Richard Aaron. More details on activities & application process | here |