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Proposal for an Ombudsman at Queen's?

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QUSA is a non-profit employee association that has been representing the interests of all non-unionized support staff at Queen's University for 42 years.

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I have attended a Focus Group and I have talked with several people who have also attended the groups. The proposed Queen’s HR Committee Model appears to provide us with little or no real representation. In fact, the model would have even less people representing RG&C staff than QUSA did. Ann Lablans Continue reading

"I was shocked and upset by the news in February that Queen’s Human Resources felt that our Association was outdated and no longer necessary. So in a unilateral (and unexpected) move, the Associate Vice-Principal of Human Resources announced that the relationship will be severed, and hence QUSA would cease to exist to all intents and purposes. I went to the meetings, asked questions, listened to many people, but at the end, I am still baffled."  JL Creasy  [Full letter here]

Pension News

Queen's Pension Plan - what is the future?
On June 19, 2014, Caroline Davis, VP Finance & Administration invited all non-unionized staff to a meeting on the future of the Queen's Pension Plan. This meeting included presentations made to the multi-employee group pension committee at an earlier date this year, including one from Derek Dobson of CAAT.  To view this presentation, go to the following web site:  http://youtu.be/PXfzI1noQBQ
Peggy Hauschildt is the non-unionized staff representative on the Board of Trustees Pension Committee.  If you have any questions about how our pension plan works or if you are interested in learning more about the recent discussions, please feel free to email Peggy at: ph17@queensu.ca