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The Role of QUSA

The relationship between QUSA and the University is based upon goodwill, mutual respect, commonality of interest, and common sense. QUSA is the employee organization which represents its members and advances the interests of general staff, including research contract staff, not covered by any collective bargaining unit or other memoranda of understanding with the University.

Queen's University will consult QUSA on policy decisions with respect to compensations, conditions of employment, and the working environment as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding. This consultative process includes all areas that impact the general staff as defined above. The University also includes membership from QUSA on formal or standing committees and other task groups as may be mutually agreed upon. QUSA relies on ready and informal access to the Principal and senior administrators as well as representation on the formal committee structures of the University.

The QUSA Bursary Fund

The Queens University Staff Association Bursary was originally established in 1979 as an annual expendable fund; an endowment fund was created in 2000 to permanently support the bursary.  The bursary is being revised in 2014 in order to expand the size of the applicant pool.   

The Queen's University Staff Association Bursary received matching funds from the Ontario Provincial Government under the following programs:  (i) Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTFI) of 1996, (ii) Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTFII) of 2003, and (iii) the Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS) program of 2005.  In 2011, the Government of Ontario announced the closure of the OTSS matching program effective March 31, 2012.

Calendar Terms

Established in February 1979 and revised in (SCSSA month/year) by The Queen's University Staff Association and awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need to students in any year of any Faculty or School and who are dependents of a Queen's University employee who does not have an academic appointment.  Applications are to be made to the Office of the University Registrar, Student Awards by 31 October.  Value: variable.

Barb Geddes' Legacy

Barb Geddes

QUSA's web site was made possible in 1995 through memorial tribute gifts given in honour of Barbara Geddes who died in December 1994. Barbara contributed tremendously to Queen's University in her role as coordinator of the Research Program in the School of Business. She was instrumental in developing the program from its simple beginning in 1988 to its current status as a major support program in the School. Barb, as she was known by her friends and colleagues, was a person with whom faculty, staff and students had a warm rapport.

Barb also gave tirelessly to many other organizations on campus, including the Queen's Staff Association (QUSA) and the Queen's Women in Network (QWIN). She was instrumental in launching QWIN's conference on Women, Work and Family held in 1993, and she was a QUSA representative during the social contract negotiations. She was also a member of the Principal's Joint Consultative Committee on staff relations. Despite her deteriorating health, she gave abundantly of her time and energy to these commitments.

The continuation of his web site will allow Barb Geddes to remain part of Queen's University and continue to play a role in helping fellow employees with career development and professional skills.