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Changes to Parking Rates

  • New parking rates for 2013-14 and the subsequent two years have been approved and are being communicated to the Queen’s community today.

  • Queen’s wants to keep its parking rates affordable, but must balance this with the need to manage its finances responsibly. The university carries a significant debt from the construction of new underground parking garages. After making payments on this debt, the Parking Department operates with an annual deficit of more than $2 million.

  • We know that charging the full annual cost of parking would be prohibitive for many employees, but parking is an ancillary operation that must be self-sustaining over the long-term. After a review of the 40-year parking business case, it was decided that a higher than average rate increase for 2013-14 was the prudent step to help keep our debt repayment schedule on track and ensure that we are able to maintain our parking facilities over the years ahead.

  • The university has committed to smaller increases in the following two years.

  • In addition, the rates for West Campus lots will be aligned with Main Campus surface lots over a period of three years.

  • The following table outlines the new parking rates:

    Monthly parking rates, including HST.

  • Parking rates at Queen’s remain in line with other comparable parking faculties in Kingston. Typical monthly downtown parking rates currently range from roughly $75 to $188, depending on location and the type of lot or garage, while comparable parking rates in the vicinity of West Campus currently range from $44 to $60.

  • The new rates and a set of Q&A’s were posted to the parking website this morning, and emails are being sent to all parking permit holders informing them of the changes. In addition, a story about the new rates will appear on the Queen’s News Centre.

  • The new rates take effect on September 1, 2013. Employees who pay for parking directly from their payroll will see the change take effect on their September 30 pay.

  • Queen’s employees have a range of parking options at various price levels, and are also able to take advantage of private and municipal parking options in the area. We are making allowances for employees who wish to change or cancel their parking permit, ensuring that they will not incur any additional fees for September if they contact the Parking Office by Monday, September 9. (613-533-6979, parking@queensu.ca, or in person at the 2nd floor of the Rideau Building, 207 Stuart Street between 8 am and 4 pm)

  • For more information see the Parking Rate Q&A and parking permit renewal information.