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Staff Advisors

Staff Advisors provide advice and support to non-union staff involved in workplace disputes. They are available to assist staff by providing information on the relevant University policies and procedures and by examining whether there is cause for a formal complaint. Discussion with a staff advisor is private and confidential, and no action is taken by an advisor without the staff member's prior knowledge and agreement.

QUSA Staff Advisors are:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

A voluntary confidential counselling and information service for all Queen's University employees and their families.

Co-ordinator, Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (CDRM)

The CDRM does not serve as an advocate for any party to a dispute, but as a resource for information on the various dispute resolution processes available at the University.  Non-unionized staff may contact the CDRM for any initial consultation, assistance, or referral to a Staff Advisor. Tel. 533-6495 or e-mail drm@queensu.ca.

The university is proposing to redefine the Office of Dispute Resolution to the Office of the Ombudsperson. The proposed change aims to clarify the role of the office, giving it increased independence from administrative structures and strengthening its relationship to the Senate and Board of Trustees.  More information about the role of the proposed Office of the Ombudsman and its relationship with other offices on campus is available on the University Secretariat website. Faculty, staff and students can submit their feedback by email no later than March 7. 

Human Rights Office

The Human Rights Office is an independent office, whose mandate is to provide advice, support and resources to any community member with concerns in the area of human rights.

Human Resources

Whether you are seeking job opportunities within Queen's, are an employee or manager with questions about policies, HR services, benefits or career development, the trained professionals in HR are here to help.

Campus Security

The mandate of Campus Security is to promote a safe and welcoming environment that recognizes and is respectful of the diverse nature of the Queen's Community.