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Parking Lot

Important information regarding Parking behind 144 Albert Street.

In my most recent phone call to Queen’s Parking and Queen’s Community Housing,  I asked the question as to who else is authorized to park in that Community Housing parking lot.  I was informed that most of the houses on Albert Street are owned by Queen’s and hence their owners/patrons have access to that parking lot, as do some of the houses on Collingwood on the east side which back onto the parking lot.  The privately-owned homes have cleared marked off space in their backyards.  There IS an outdated sign behind 144 Albert Street which reads, Faculty Women’s Association.  But technically, I am told, that we only ‘own’ TWO parking spaces.   If we park two deep, that makes FOUR parking spaces.  So the rest of the space is available for all the people who use/rent Queen’s housing.  We use far more than two or even four parking spaces, and our QWA membership card is our parking permit. 

We are grateful for the parking lot that we have access to, but there is no guarantee that as a QWA member one will get a space.  Please, ensure you park in the areas with signs saying Queen's Community Housing (west side of lot only).  I also suggest that when parking behind a car that you check to see it is another QWA member.  Just remember, that we do share it with many others and others who are not QWA members!

Ruth Rees

QWA  President