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Queen’S Women’s Association
Name adopted May 16, 2001
Formerly known as the Faculty Women’s Club of Queen’s University (founded 1939)

February 26, 2008

Article I  Name

The name of this Association shall be the Queen’s Women’s Association (QWA).

Article II  Objectives

The objectives of the Queen’s Women’s Association shall be:

a)  to strengthen bonds between members of the Queen's Women's Association and Queen's University;

b)  to enhance collegial life at Queen’s University by providing congenial surroundings in which members can participate in social, intellectual, and cultural activities;

c)  to help facilitate projects relating to Queen’s University which are of interest to QWA members.

Article III   Constitutional Amendments

Section 1  Notice of Motions for Amendments may be made by the QWA Executive Committee who has passed a motion by a majority vote, or by five members who have signed a proposed amendment and submitted it to the QWA Executive in order for it to be placed on the agenda of the next general meeting.

Section 2  Notice of amendments for the Constitution must be given at a previous general meeting and a written notice must be sent to members (by post, email or facsimile) at least 14 days before the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered.

Section 3 The Constitution may be amended by approval of at least three-quarters of the votes cast by members in good standing in attendance at a General Meeting at which there is a quorum.

Article IV  Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Queen’s Women’s Association, all assets remaining after the payments of debts and liabilities shall be distributed equally among the bursaries founded by the Queen’s Women’s Association/Faculty Women’s Club at Queen’s University.

May, 2020

Article I Members

Section 1.  QWA members shall be:

a)  women who either personally have/had or whose spouse has/had a working association at Queen’s University or its associate operations;

b)  those who meet the requirements as set out above at another degree granting institution;

c)  those who have been a member of the Association at any time in the past;

d)  those who show interest in the affairs of Queen’s University and the Queen’s Women’s Association. Their application must be proposed in writing by two members of QWA and submitted to the Membership Chair.

e)  women who are alumnae of Queen’s University.  (rev. May 2020)

Section 2  An Honorary President is a woman who is either current principal or the spouse or partner of the Principal. She is not required to pay dues.

Section 3  A member ceases to be a member with non-payment of dues or upon written resignation to the QWA Executive.

Section 4  Each member is entitled to a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws.

Article II  Dues

Section 1  There shall be annual membership dues of $60.00. (Approved, AGM, 17 April 2013)

Section 2  The membership year is September 1 to August 31. Dues must be paid by December 1. Membership will be restored on payment of full dues.

Section 3  Those who become members for the first time after December 31 shall pay half the annual dues ($30.00).

Section 4  Eligible persons who are visiting the University for less than a year shall pay half the annual dues.

Article III  QWA Executive Committee

Section 1  The QWA Fiscal and QWA Executive Year are June 1 to May 31.

Section 2  The QWA Executive Committee shall conduct all routine business of the Association and has full power and authority over the affairs of the Association except those decided upon by vote at a general meeting.

Section 3  The QWA Executive Committee shall be the Officers, the immediate Past President during the year after her term in office, and Chairs of Standing Committees.

Section 4  A quorum for a QWA Executive meeting is a majority of the QWA Executive Committee.

Section 5  The term of office for QWA Executive Members is two consecutive years in the same position.

Article IV  Officers

Section 1  The Officers of QWA shall be the President, 1st Vice-President (Interest Groups), 2nd Vice-President (Program), Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2  The President shall be responsible for:

a)  drafting agendas for and presiding over QWA Executive and General Meetings;

b)  attending QWA events and representing the QWA at public events;

c)  communicating with the QWA Honorary President, senior University administrators, and the general public;

d)  serving as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Section 3 The 1st Vice President (Interest Groups) shall be responsible for:

a)  supporting the formation of new Interest Groups;

b)  organizing Interest Group registration at the beginning of the year and encouraging members to participate throughout the year;

c)  communicating with Interest Group Coordinators who are chosen by their members;

e)  performing duties of the President in her absence, disability or resignation;

f)   allowing her name to stand for election for President after her term as 1st Vice President.  (rev. AGM 2019)

Section 4  The 2nd Vice President (Program) shall be responsible, with other members of her choosing, for planning meetings and membership events, with QWA Executive approval.

Section 5  The Secretary shall be responsible for:

a)  drafting minutes at QWA Executive Meetings for approval at the next meeting;

b)  drafting minutes at QWA General Meetings for approval of the membership at the next meeting;

c)  maintaining Motion Files for QWA Executive and General Meetings;

d)  maintaining a file of minutes with attached written reports for QWA Executive and General Meetings for the current year.

Section 6 The Treasurer shall be responsible for:

a)  depositing QWA funds in an insured financial institution and disbursing funds;

b)  preparing Financial Statements for QWA Executive and General Meetings;

c)  contracting, on behalf of the QWA, for automatic bank withdrawals to pay for routine budgeted items such as utilities;

d)  appointing, with the approval of the membership, a person to undertake the annual "review" of the financial records, and produce year-end financial statements.  A motion to appoint the reviewer for the next year is often made at the Annual Meeting.

Article V  Committees

Section 1. Standing Committees shall be Finance, House Management, and Membership.

A. The Finance Committee, consisting of a Committee Chair, House Management Committee Chair, Treasurer, and two or three members who are not on the QWA Executive shall be responsible for:

1)  budget preparation and longer-term financial planning;

2)  insurance, booking fees, dues, investments, and occupancy costs;

3)  finding and contracting with the occupant(s) of the apartment;

4)  communicating with Queen’s University administration regarding occupancy costs.

B. The House Management Committee, consisting of a Committee Chair, Booking Coordinator, and one or two other members shall be responsible for:

1)  booking the facility to members for their personal or departmental use;

2)  managing all aspects of the house.

C. The Membership Committee, consisting of a Chair and two or three other members shall be responsible for:

1)  membership registration;

2)  maintaining a database of members and Friends, which includes their Interest Group participation, and providing relevant lists for the QWA Executive and Interest Group and Event Co-ordinators;

3)  promoting the QWA together with the President and others on the QWA Executive;

4)  encouraging members to participate in QWA activities, facilitating the introduction of members to each other, and communicating with members who are housebound.

Section 2. Continuing Committees, whose task is ongoing over the years, is established by the QWA Executive. Their formation and the name of at least their chairs are announced at a General Meeting and communicated in written form to the membership. The term of office for the Chair of a Continuing Committee is two years and may be extended.

A.  Nominating Committee, consisting of a chair plus three or four members, only one of whom will be a member of the current QWA Executive, shall be responsible for

a)  receiving names for the positions of Officers and Chairs of Standing Committees and, following the receipt of the consent of nominees, submitting its report to the Annual Meeting for approval by the membership;

b)  recruiting members to serve on Standing Committees and Other Positions as deemed necessary by the QWA Executive.

Section 3.  Ad Hoc Committees, e.g. the Constitution Committee, are appointed by the QWA Executive Committee to perform a specific task and cease to exist on completion.

Section 4.  Other Positions such as Archivist, Bookkeeper, Editors of the Newsletter, Bulletin and Website, and others as deemed necessary by the QWA Executive.

Article VI  Meetings

Section 1  There shall be at least two General Meetings each year one of which is an annual meeting. An Annual Meeting will be held in April at which the QWA Executive and Nominating Committees report and elections for QWA Executive members take place.

Section 2  Notice of General Meetings shall be in writing or by email to all members at least 14 days in advance of the meeting.

Section 3  A quorum for a General Meeting is 20 members.

Article VII  Elections

Section 1  Officers and Standing Committee Chairs are elected by a simple majority of members in good standing in attendance at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2.  Other nominations for Officers and Standing Committee Chairs, the consent of nominees having been obtained, may be made at the Annual Meeting after which an election by ballot shall, if necessary, be held.

Section 3.  If a position is vacant after the election or if there is a resignation during the year, the remaining members of the elected QWA Executive, by majority vote, shall appoint a QWA member to the position.

Section 4.  A position on the QWA Executive is automatically vacated either by disability, by written resignation to the secretary of the QWA, or if the member misses three (3) consecutive QWA Executive meetings without providing reasonable explanation for the absences.

Section 5.  The term of office can be extended for one year at the request of the Nominating Committee if no other member is willing to take the position.

Article VIII  Finances

Section 1.  The signatures of any two of the Treasurer, President, and one other QWA Executive member are required for banking and investment transactions.

Section 2.  QWA expenditures must be approved by the QWA Executive Committee. The QWA Executive may advance funds for projects which it has authorized.

Section 3.  The Treasurer is authorized to make payments without QWA Executive approval for amounts that are within the approved budget, do not exceed $200.00, and are substantiated by paid invoices accompanied by an authorized chit requesting payment.

Section 4. The QWA Executive may assign a bookkeeper to assist the Treasurer.

Article IX  Bylaw Amendments

Section 1  A motion to amend a Bylaw must have been approved either by a majority of the QWA Executive Committee or signed by three members and presented to the QWA Executive for notification of members for inclusion on the Agenda of the general meeting at which it is to be considered.

Section 2  All members must be notified at least 14 days before the General Meeting at which there will be a motion to amend the Bylaws.

Section 3  The Bylaws may be amended by approval of at least two-thirds of the votes cast by members in good standing in attendance at a General Meeting.

Article X  Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, shall govern the QWA in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the QWA may adopt.