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Children's Christmas Parties - Moms and Tots Interest Group

Each December, from 1952-1995, the Club hosted a Children's Christmas Party either in Grant Hall, McArthur Hall or the Clubrooms. The Moms & Tots Interest Group looked after the arrangements and provided treats for 75-200 children. In 1970, Dr. Deutsch did a fantastic job as Santa!

This was another demographic era! Imagine finding 200 children to attend a party today! The children who attended these parties are now parents and grandparents themselves. The QWA has tried to set up a Moms and Tots Interest Group, but there are too many competing services and this group no longer exists.

21st Anniversary - 1960

Jean Royce, Registrar, stated "The University reflects life in a rapidly changing world ... dedicated to preserving the best of the past, courageous enough to look into the future." Jean Royce's comments in 1960 ring true today as they did then.

25th anniversary - 1964

50th anniversary - 1989

March, a spoof opera, 'Dove e Fumo e Fuoco' (Where There's Smoke There's Fire was presented at Ban Righ Hall.
April, AGM, John Deutsch University Centre -- a fashion show with sing along of old favourites -- White Cliffs of Dover; Over the Rainbow, I Could Have Danced, Tea for Two.

60th Jubilee - 1999

Sixty years to the day - January 14th, 1999, the Club celebrated its 60th Jubilee at a luncheon was held at Wallace Hall with 75 members in attendance. Head table guests were piped into Wallace Hall by Professor Cheryl Pulling and included Honorary Presidents Claire Leggett, Mary Smith, Donna Watts, Stephanie Deutsch and Alice Corry, as well as Past President Anna Northcott, and President Mary Balanchuk. This auspicious milestone was marked by a presentation of life memberships to charter members Margaret Angus, Alice Corry, Elsie Curtis and Laurel Kropp.

To mark its 60th anniversary, the FWC undertook one community project which was to provide 60 knitted 'Linus' blankets for 'Almost Home'. A total of 101 blankets (knitted by nine members) were presented to the Linus Project Director in Kingston - Ann Woodal gave them to various charitable and service organizations as presents to children undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from trauma or abuse.

70th anniversary - 2009 (see photos)

"Down Memory Lane" was held at the Founder's Day Event, January 14, 2009. A Luncheon was held at the Donald Gordon Centre followed by a Sing Along with Sue Kilpatrick, Ann Levison, Barbara Matthews, Barbara Parrott, Rosalie Wintle accompanied by Ross Kilpatrick on keyboard. Mary Zureik presented a PowerPoint presentation based on much of the material in this website of the FWC/QWA history