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Role of the Faculty Women's Club in the University

For many years, the FWC worked closely with departments, inviting wives of new faculty members to join our organization. This welcoming group brought a sense of social cohesion to Queen’s.

The FWC was a precursor on campus to such organizations as the University Club, Faculty and Staff Associations, Ban Righ Centre and Food Services. Before administrative offices were established at the university, the FWC was the group that provided support at various university functions.

"Before the University had food caterers, we were the organizers for Convocations, Principal`s Inauguration and special do`s such as a reception for Mrs. Roosevelt." (Shirley Brooks-Purkis, 2009, member since 1941).

From 1943 - 70 the FWC provided refreshments for Convocations of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Education and the Theological College. The FWC was reimbursed for the cost of supplies and given an honorarium for their efforts.

The Club's representative on the Grounds Committee of the University was Thelma Boucher who was instrumental in getting the Club to purchase three trash cans and set them up outside the Douglas Library, Tech Supplies and the Old Arts Building. The Club also purchased 40 cups and saucers for staff use and paid for the redecorating of the Senate Room.

Early in January of 1946, the Club formed a joint committee with the Faculty of Arts for the purpose of organizing a series of intellectual and interesting activities for the wives of the 300 ex-servicemen on campus pursuing studies at Queen's. A reception for the wives was held in Grant Hall and some 210 women attended.

In 1959, the Club provided refreshments for two groups of students meeting at Queen's - Friendly Relations with Overseas Students and the World University Services. We also made a donation to the Society for Overseas Students and assisted with the Treasure Van Bazaar.

In 1961, the Club hosted a formal reception for guests and University dignitaries following Dr. Corry's installation as the 13th Principal of Queen's. Subsequently, the Club held an open house to welcome Mrs. Corry as the FWC Honorary President.

In 1968, the Club was honoured to be asked to host the reception following Dr. Deutsch’s installation as the 14th Principal of Queen's and Mrs. Deutsch as our new Honourary President.