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Dear QWA Members:

I hope you are coping as well as can be expected with the self-isolation.  I am fortunate to be able to garden and keep in touch with family – thanks to technology.

I want to share with you the progress we have made with respect to our new venue (187A King Street West).  Due to the pandemic which has shut down all of Queen’s, our move-in date is not known.  We would expect it to be late May or sometime in June, but thus far we are in a ‘waiting’ state.

The good news is that Queen’s will take care of the utilities and will not charge rent.   I liken it to our being custodians of a fully functional home. However, we will share the house and our furnishings with RAQ.  The Association will use one room as an office and it is their intention to also conduct meetings at the house. Those meetings will be scheduled for when we are not needing the facility.

The main shortcoming is the parking situation. There is one spot for a vehicle, to be used for drop-off and pick up. There is space in the front of the house to allow for a three-point turn so that you would not need to drive out in reverse. We have voiced our concern about this to Queen’s.  We also have a request in to the City of Kingston to provide us with more than the two current parking exemptions on Collingwood Street. Should we be able to obtain another four, then we will have the same number as we currently have at 144.  There is a bus stop right across from 187A on the south side.

The Executive is very appreciative of Queen’s for offering the QWA this beautiful house, complete with garden and large sun deck.  We owe much to Principal Patrick Deane and his wife, our Honorary President, Sheila Deane.  Queen’s promised suitable accommodations and they have done that – in spades.

With warmest regards,

Valerie Klassen

President, Queen’s Women’s Association

Ladies: the Relocation Committee needs help with unpacking, arranging furniture, wall art placement, etc. This will occur in the days following our move date. If you can help (even if it is for half a day), kindly email or call Bernie Boadway, our house manager and Relocation Committee member. boadwayr@sympatico.ca   (613) 546-3306.

Thank you.