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Membership Information

Each September, at the start of a new fall/winter session, a Membership Reception is held at Summerhill on the main campus of Queen’s University.  All members – new and renewing – are invited to attend.

The membership of the association shall consist of:

  1. Women who either personally have / had or whose spouse / partner has / had a working association at Queen’s University or its associate operations.
  2. Women who meet the requirements as set out above at another degree granting institution.
  3. Women who have been a member of the Association at any time in the past.
  4. Women who show interest in the affairs of Queen’s University and the Queen’s Women’s Association.  These applicants must be proposed in writing by two members of the QWA and submitted to the Membership Chair.

Membership Renewal:

Queen’s Women’s Association Membership Renewal Application Form (139 KB)

New Member:

Queen’s Women’s Association Membership New Member Application Form (216 KB)

Get Involved

Get Involved Form (65 KB)

Please print out and complete in hard copy.