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HIDC: High Incidence Disabilities in Higher Education Conference Presentations


Day 1 - March 30th

Keynote (9:00 - 10:15)
Crisis U - Hara Estroff Marano

​Breakout Sessions (10:45 - 12:15)
Cross Battery Assessments: Implementation and Reflections - Laura Brawn & Dr. Boris Vukovic

Finding Calm in Transitions - Anne Murray

Test Anxiety: Assessment, Documentation, and Management - Dr. Benjamin Lovett

Successfully Transitioning Students with Mental Health Challenges - Dr. Allyson Harrison, Dr. Alana Holmes

Students Transitioning to Post-Secondary Education with ASD - Tara Connolly, Maureen Barnes

It’s About Time! - Dr. Larry Lewandowski

Keynote (1:15 - 2:30)
Accommodating Mental Health Disabilities in Post-Secondary Settings - Catherine Peters

​Breakout Sessions (3:00 - 4:30)
Standards of Practice for Disabilities Service Office Professionals - Dr. Boris Vukovic, Somei Tam, Bruce Hamm

Disability Documentation Dilemmas: A View from the Trenches - Dr. Robb Mapou

​Foreign Language Exemptions for Students with Learning Disabilities - Dr. Richard Sparks

Recent Changes in Serving Test Takers with Disabilities - Dr. Ruth Loew, Katie Featherston, Dr. Loring Brinckerhoff

​Breakout Sessions (3:00 - 3:45)
Expanding the Toolkit: A Group Based Approach to Managing ADHD - Dr. Pat Harris

ASD and Promoting Academic Success, Social Skills, and Job Readiness - Busi Ncube, Komal Shaikh

​​​Breakout Sessions (3:45 - 4:30)
From Classroom to Clinic: Negotiating Reasonable Accommodations - Dr. Pearl Levey

​I’m here… Where are you? Post-Secondary Support for Students with ASD - Tara Connolly

Day 2 - March 31st

Keynote (8:30 - 9:45)
The Role of Functional Impairment in Assessment and Treatment - Dr. Larry Lewandowski

​​​Breakout Sessions (10:15 - 11:45)
Research Evidence Regarding Post-Concussion Syndrome - Dr. Kristian Goulet

Factors Contributing to Student Cognitive and Academic Complaints - Dr. Julie Suhr

​Accommodations, Modifications,and Remediation - Dr. Rina Gupta

​FITA: An Outcome-Based Supportive Program for Post-Secondary Students - Larry McCloskey, Dr. John Meissner

​A Substance Use Wellness Tool for Post-Secondary Students - Dr. Heather Stuart

Keynote (12:30 - 1:45)
Stigma and Mental Health - Dr. Heather Stuart

​​​​Breakout Sessions (2:00 - 3:30)
​The Neurobiology of Stress and Trauma - Dr. Regalena Melrose

Accommodations: The Divide Between Research and Practice - Dr. Alana Holmes, Dr. Robert Silvestri

Listening Training: Preparing the Ground for Learning - Paul Madaule (see links below)

​​Challenges to Accurate Understanding of Functional Impairment - Dr. Allyson Harrison (see links below)