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Mobile Assessment Team (MAT)

What is this service?

The MAT is a service which allows post-secondary students across Southern Ontario to access assessment services, even if they have limited or no means of paying for such an assessment. The MAT provides skilled, qualified Psychologists and Psychological Associates who will come to the student's home institution and complete a full assessment.

Explanation of MAT usage

  1. Host institution encounters student who requires testing. This will either be because a) documentation is too old or of questionable value, or b) there is no formal history of a LD, but one is suspected.
  2. Pre-screening of student(s) in category "b" by Learning Strategist" to rule out other causes of reported academic difficulties. You could use Delta screener, Carol Herriot's screener, or one from our office, but you must complete a comprehensive screening interview and history with student(s). Only those with a strong likelihood of having a LD will be referred on for full assessment.
  3. Students with previous assessments will also be required to complete a background/history questionnaire prior to referral.
  4. Host institution determines that a full assessment is warranted, but cannot arrange for an assessment of this student in a timely manner. At this point the host institution contacts the MAT contact person.
  5. Host institution to arrange for location in which testing will occur. Host institution will be responsible for booking the Psychologist's assessment times.
  6. All relevant information about the student (including screening information collected) will be sent to the Psychologist TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the assessment.
  7. Psychologist and student meet for assessment and feedback sessions. Psychologist provides copies of assessment to student and to MAT.
  8. Psychologist bills the students at the host institution for the assessment, and MAT for any out of pocket expenses