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Assessment Process


In order to be assessed for LD or ADHD you must be referred. If you have concerns that you are LD or ADHD, you should first make an appointment with a counsellor, the Disability Services Advisor, or another health professional at your home institution, who will explore with you the concerns you have and the difficulties you have been experiencing. They will decide whether to refer you to the Learning Disabilities Specialist at RARC.

Information Collection

Once the decision has been made to refer you for an evaluation, you will receive an intake package to be completed. You must complete and return this package before scheduling an initial interview. You will not be placed on the waiting list, nor will an initial appointment be scheduled until you have returned the completed intake package. Once you have returned your package, you will be placed on the waiting list and someone will contact you at a later date to schedule an initial interview.

PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to keep your appointment, or cancel for any reason, you are responsible for rescheduling the appointment.

Initial Appointment

During the initial interview the information you have provided in your intake package will be explored in greater detail and the interviewer will make a recommendation regarding a formal assessment. If it is determined that an assessment is not warranted, you may be referred to a Learning Support Counsellor for instruction in study skills if necessary. If a recommendation for an assessment is made, you will be required to make suitable arrangements for the payment of the associated charge of $2000. There are a variety of funding and payment options available (see Fees and Funding). You should note that this is a nonrefundable fee; should you decide part way through the process that you do not wish to complete your assessment, you WILL NOT receive a refund.


Testing typically takes 6 to 8 hours: a one-hour appointment, and two further appointments approximately two to three hours long. The one-hour appointment will be scheduled with the Learning Disabilities Specialist. The remaining appointments will be scheduled with a psychometrist who will complete the remainder of the assessment. Once again, you are responsible for the rescheduling of any missed or cancelled appointments.

Feedback and Recommendations

The final step in the assessment process involves an explanation of the results of the assessment and how they pertain to any identified learning deficits. This appointment will typically be of 30 to 60 minutes and will be scheduled with the initial interviewer. If you are diagnosed with a learning disability and/or an attention deficit disorder, information will be provided regarding support available from the Learning Disability Counsellor.


You will be given a copy of the final report that documents your assessment and the findings.