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Research Collaborations

Other Ongoing Research Activities

  1. Collaboration with Dr. Christopher Bowie in Psychology to study the effects of a computerized working memory training program (COGMED) on attention problems in students diagnosed with ADHD.

  2. Collaboration with Dr. Mark Harrison in the faculty of medicine to evaluate the effects on cognitive functioning and learning of sleep deprivation in medical residents.

  3. Collaboration with Dr. Graeme Whyte in the faculty of medicine to evaluate the academic and attentional effects of concussions in university students.

  4. Collaboration with Dr. Ben Lovett (from Elmira college in New York) to:

    • review the current learning and academic performance in the adolescents participating in our Gr8 Transition program.
    • analyze our ADHD screening data.
    • Examine the characteristics of LD students participating in OLTS.
  5. We are currently involved in a study to examine the understanding of diagnosis and accommodations standards at post-secondary in the Psychological community. Surveys have been mailed out to Psychological service providers in Ontario.

  6. Data on diagnosis of Dysgraphia (a handwriting disability) are being analyzed this summer so that we can prepare a manuscript on this topic for submission.

  7. Examination of Processing Speed scores for students we have assessed and an evaluation of what (if any) academic performance scores are predicted by speed of information processing.