Coming Soon: Essential Resources from RARC's Post-Secondary Transition Book Chapter


Preparing for Postsecondary Education in Canada as a Student with a Disability

Marie McCarron, Allyson G. Harrison, and Beth Pollock

Queen’s University

Kingston, Ontario, Canada 

The transition to postsecondary education is challenging for all students. Students are often concerned about the academic demands of postsecondary programs, independent living skills required, and loss of their current social supports, feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. This is compounded for students with disabilities by a need for accommodations and support to allow them access to the curriculum. Based on our 20 years of experience developing and implementing transition programs, we have identified four key skills required to maximize transition success: self-knowledge, self advocacy, applying advocacy skills to take action, and growth mindset. This chapter outlines these required skills and provides practical steps that can be taken to attain these abilities, illustrating the concepts through a case study. With these skills, students are better equipped to navigate the challenges presented with confidence and determination.

Resources Coming Soon 

Upon the release of the book, resources for strengthening and developing the following essential skills will be available here. 

Self-Knowledge and Understanding

Self Advocacy

Turning Advocacy to Action

Growth Mindset