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Regional Assessment and Resource Centre

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The Regional Assessment and Resource Centre is committed to providing clinical training and supervision for new professionals and graduate students in psychology, education, occupational therapy and rehabilitation therapy. RARC offers training and education in psychological assessment, therapeutic interventions, consultation, interdisciplinary treatment planning, and ethical and professional development.

In addition to gaining experience with administration, scoring, and interpretation of a variety of assessment tools, trainees at RARC are also afforded opportunities to become involved in all aspects of case management including conducting clinical interviews, integrating test results with other sources of information, writing comprehensive reports, and providing meaningful and useful feedback to clients.

Recent trainees include graduate students completing practicum placements, teacher candidates completing practicum placements, professionals completing their supervised year of practice for registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, and pre-doctoral interns.

To learn more about additional training opportunities at RARC, please contact our Clinical Services Manager.

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