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Transition Programs

RARC offers several exciting initiatives to support students with disabilities as they transition through their education. The goals of our transitions programs are to assist students with disabilities with the transition to high school, post-secondary school, and beyond. All of our programs provide students with a deeper understanding of their own disability while helping to develop the skills and strategies needed for success.

These free transition programs helps participants build skills and knowledge, while also meeting others with similar experiences in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Our programs address topics such as:

  • Self-understanding and self-esteem
  • Knowledge of the special education system and how to access support and accommodations at every educational stage
  • Adaptive Technology programs to support learning
  • Self-advocacy
  • Stress management and positive mental health


group of handsSTEPS Program – For students in grade 7 with learning disabilities, ADHD and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders and their parents/guardians

This is a two-year program for students and their families in the Kingston and surrounding areas. This program includes information and training sessions for students and parents/guardians during the school year, as well as week-long summer programs to teach Adaptive Technology and prepare for high school.  Program recruitment runs from September to January for grade 7 students.  Program activities begin in May of the grade 7 year and run through until the summer before grade 9. This program is free of charge, however for students in need of an updated psychoeducational assessment, this can be provided for a fee.

Students sitting outside typing on laptopsOLTS & STOMP – For students in grades 11 or 12 with learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and/or mental health disorders (such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and OCD)

These two transition programs include 3 in-person workshop days, and an 8-week online course.  The programs are targeted at students in the Kingston and surrounding areas.  OLTS and STOMP help students research and learn about post-secondary, how to access support and accommodation, as well as learning and stress management skills.  Program recruitment runs from November to January for grade 11 and 12 students (including those completing an extra year).  The program is free of charge and students are eligible for a reduced-cost psychoeducational assessment upon completion.

Queen’s University Faculty of Education students: OLTS and STOMP are moderated by teacher candidate practicum students from Queen’s University.  For more information on this alternative practicum placement for B. Ed. Students, check out OLTS & STOMP Alternative Practicum Opportunity.

Screenshot of Transition Resource Guide homepageTransition Resource Guide – For all students with disabilities to prepare for college and university in Ontario

The Transition Resource Guide ( is a one-stop-shop for students to plan for college and university in Ontario.  The website includes disability-related information about post-secondary, such as how to access accommodations, when to disclose one’s disability, and information about living in residence and getting around campus.  It also provides detailed information about every college and university in Ontario, the services they offer and how to access them.  The site is also fully-bilingual.