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The Transition Resource Guide

RARC has developed a comprehensive Transition Resource Guide for students transitioning to post-secondary education. This guide is one-stop shop for students with disabilities to learn what they need to know to be prepared for post-secondary school in Ontario. Students can find information about their rights and responsibilities, how to access accommodations at post-secondary, as well as detailed information about each post-secondary institution in Ontario. The Transition Resource Guide is meant as a starting point as you search for the best post-secondary institution for you.

On the Transition Resource Guide, you can find:

  • The Resources section, which provides information that is general to all colleges and universities in Ontario. Students can use this information to learn about what to expect at post-secondary and how disabilities are accommodated.
  • The Colleges and Universities sections, which provide detailed information about publicly funded colleges and universities in Ontario. Students can find specific information about the resources available at each school and how to access them.
  • The Disabilities section, which provides information about specific disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health disorders, and their impact in the post-secondary setting.
  • The Frequently Asked Question section, where you can quickly search for answers the questions you have about post-secondary and disability.
  • Transition Stories, where you can hear from students, parents, and education professionals on the transition to college and university, including tips, strategies, success and challenges.

For more information about the Transition Resource Guide (TRG), please visit the website:, check out our TRG Handout or contact the TRG team at