Alternative Practicum Opportunity

For Queen's University B.Ed Students

Each year, teacher candidates from the Queen's Faculty of Education are able to work with the OLTS and STOMP transition programs as part of their alternative practicum.  In this practicum, students receive comprehensive training in learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and mental health disorders, as well as hands-on experience working directly with students.   Classrooms today are inclusive learning spaces, and this placement gives teacher candidates the chance to learn directly from the students and put their teaching skills into action!

Teacher candidates help facilitate these courses by helping to plan and run the Opening and Closing days which take place at the Faculty of Ed, and by grading and moderating the students’ work during the online course portion. While there are several days that teacher candidates must attend in person, much of the practicum is online, and can be completed from anywhere, so long as you have internet access. This practicum is open to teacher candidates in P/J and I/S, and in all FOCI concentrations.

From former teacher candidates:

“This was a fantastic experience (truly)! I would absolutely recommend this alt prac to others.”

“This is a great alternative practicum that provides experience in two really important areas of education: online learning and students with exceptionalities.”

“Phenomenal experience, it was empowering and inspiring.”

“It’s something you should do because it makes you a better teacher.”

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Contact Information

For more information, please contact our Transitions Program Coordinator, Gillian Goldsmith at: 

  (613) 533-6000 ext. 75220

  (613) 533-6564