What are the Transition Programs all about?

RARC offers several exciting initiatives to support students with disabilities as they transition to high school, post-secondary school, and beyond. These free transition programs help participants build skills and knowledge, while also meeting others with similar experiences in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Our programs address topics such as self-understanding and self-esteem, IEPs and accommodations, adaptive technology, self-advocacy, stress management, and positive mental health.


Elementary to High School Transition Program

STEPS: Successful Transition from Elementary to Post-Secondary is a two-year program for students and their families in the Kingston and surrounding areas. Program recruitment runs from September to January for grade 7 students.  Program activities begin in May of the grade 7 year and run through until the summer before grade 9. This program is free of charge, however for students in need of an updated psychoeducational assessment, this will be provided for a fee.

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High School to Post-Secondary Transition Program

On-Line to Success (OLTS) is a transition programs for students in the Kingston and surrounding areas.  Program recruitment runs from November to January for 12 students (including those completing an extra year). The program is free of charge.

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General Post-Secondary Transition Program

EYES-ON-PSE:  Equipping Yourself for Educational Success in Ontario's Post-Secondary Education is an online course for anyone entering post-secondary school in Ontario. Topics covered include understanding learning expectations in the post-secondary environment; adapting and managing in a virtual learning environment; identifying common barriers to success in post-secondary education; evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses; and identifying and accessing campus-based and community-based supports and services. 

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Transition Program Assessments

Assessment Services

Students who fit the specific criteria for our transition programs may receive a psychoeducational assessment. STEPS assessments cost $2400 and flexible payment plans are available. RARC can provide students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or ASD who complete OLTS with an updated psychoeducational assessment. These assessments cost $2800-3200, and there are funding sources available, which can greatly reduce or eliminate the cost entirely. The assessment will involve an intake interview and consent, testing, and feedback. 

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Placement Opportunities and Training

Training for Placement Students

Graduate students from the Occupational Therapy program and Queen's undergraduate students in the Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) can work with our transition programs.  Students receive comprehensive training in learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and mental health disorders, as well as hands-on experience working directly with students. 

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Transition Resource Guide

RARC has developed a comprehensive Transition Resource Guide (TRG) for students transitioning to post-secondary education. This guide is a 'one-stop shop' for students with disabilities to learn what they need to know to be prepared for post-secondary school in Ontario.

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