Milentyi MacsQuant Flow Cytometer

Miltenyi MacsQuant Analyzer 10:

A powerful benchtop flow cytometer for highly sensitive, multi-parameter cell analysis.  This 3 laser, 7 channel instrument is capable of fully automated, multi-sample analysis of up to 96 wells in one run. 

MacsQuant Analyzer

This flow cytometer has three lasers (405, 488, 638 nm), two scatter (FSC, SSC) and seven fluorescent channels, the MACSQuant Analyzer 10 is the ideal instruments for rapid, automated multi-color flow cytometry of various applications.

Equipped with a MiniSampler our Analyzer it capable of processing up to 96 samples in a single run.  With the MacsChill rack system the MiniSampler is also capable of running various tube formats and 96-well microtiter plates, as well as up to 4 reagents:

Single: 1.5mL and 5mL tubes;

Chill5:  5mL tubes up to 24 samples;

Chill15: 15mL tubes up to 15 samples

Chill50: 50mL tubes up to 6 samples

Chill96: 1 96-well plate (any type bottom)

chill racks Chill racks (5-50)

Chill 96Chill96

We commonly run samples of fixed and/or unfixed cells targeting extra/intracellular markers.  Although we most commonly run blood cells, we can customize runs for various cell type.  In addition we can also run various applications such as cell cycle analysis and activity assays.

Another popular use for our flow is its absolute cell counts which are determined volumetrically, calculated automatically, and read out as cells/mL for every sample and population.  Cell counts are available in under a minute, eliminating the need for expensive counting beads or particles.

Also available is use of a integrated MACSQuant Column, which is compatible with the Analyzer 10, but must be purchased separately.  These specialized columns enable rapid pre-enrichment samples for rare cells prior to flow analysis

Miltenyi offers a broad portfolio of kits and reagents are designed to work together with the MACSQuant Analyzer 10 to enable efficient identification of major cells types, such as dendritic cells, endothelial progenitor cells, cancer stem cells, cytokine-secreting cells, antigen-specific T cells, circulating tumor cells.


We can accommodate all of the following dyes and other variations:

table of dyes

Don’t see your dye on the list?  Send us an email to find out if we can measure it!

Our Services for nanoString nCounter Include …

  • Free consultation to help set up your experiment
  • Yearly single stain analysis and compensation per experiment
  • Billed to the minute analysis (Setting: Low, Medium, High; volumetrically based))
  • Data upload to Dropbox
  • Troubleshooting help

Please email us to coordinate your run, get a quote or ask any questions!