Nanostring nCounter Analyzer

NANOSTRING nCounter Analysis System:

This unique technology is a variation of a DNA microarray but instead utilized colour-coded barcodes and microscopic imaging to detect and count up-to several hundred unique transcripts in a single reaction.  This occurs by hybridizing custom-made or pre-designed colour-coded ~50 base probes called ‘CodeSets’ individually to each sample.

NanoString technology can hybridize directly to many different types of target nucleic acid molecules, making it ideal for a range of discovery and translational research applications. The portfolio of application-specific solutions currently includes kits for:

  • Gene Expression
  • Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis
  • miRNA Expression Analysis
  • miGRE (miRNA & mRNA) Analysis
  • Copy Number Variation Analysis
  • IncRNA Analysis
  • ChIP-String Analysis
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Technology Overview:

The system is composed of two instruments a Prep-Station and a Digital Analyzer.  The Prep-Station is a fully automated robot that runs a min/max of 12 hybridization samples at a time.  The Prep-Station takes the 12 hybridized samples and aligns the target/probe complexes into a cartridge.  The cartridge is then transferred to the Digital Analyzer for analysis; it can run up to 6 cartridges in sequence.  The Digital Analyzer uses a specialized microscope to image the barcodes of the target/probes complexes for each individual sample.  These images are collected and digitalized into a numeric value which represents the number of counts of a specific transcript in each sample.

Nanostring nCounter AnalyzerImage Courtsey of NanoString Technologies®


1)         Hybridization:   NanoString’s Technology employs two ~50 base probes per mRNA that hybridize in solution. The Reporter Probe carries the colour-coded barcode; the Capture Probe allows the complex to be immobilized for data collection.  This hybridization reaction occurs overnight in a standard PCR machine. 

hybridizationImage Courtsey of NanoString Technologies®

2)         Purify and Immobilize:   After hybridization, samples are placed in the Prep Station.  The excess probes are removed and the probe/target complexes are aligned and immobilized into a nCounter Cartridge. 

purify and immobilizeImage Courtsey of NanoString Technologies®

3)        CountSample Cartridges are transferred to the Digital Analyzer for data collection. Color-coded barcodes hybridized to samples within the cartridge are counted with a specialized fine microscope and tabulated for each target molecule. 

countImage Courtsey of NanoString Technologies®


Our Services for nanoString nCounter Include …

  • Purchasing reagents and supplies
  • Sample, Reagent and Disposable Storage
  • Hybridization training + Use of a PCR machine
  • Hybridization reactions for various applications
  • Use of Prep-Station (Setting: Standard or High)
  • Use of Digital Analyzer (Setting: Low, Medium, High, Max)
  • Evaluation of QC for every run
  • Data Upload
  • Troubleshooting

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