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Founded in 1842, Queen’s university is well recognized as one of Canada’s leading research institutions. The Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable (Q25) faculty, graduate students and industry partners have considerable capacity to conduct high-quality, evidence-based and timely research on current and emerging topics that are of high value to its members. Regular meetings with members are held to prioritize and focus topics for applied research, and a consensus-based process is employed to choose topics. While detailed research findings and products usually remain proprietary to member companies, research summaries or other communication of key findings may be released publicly, with the members’ consent.

Some of the topics currently being researched include decision criteria used by Canadian firms to choose the destination of their foreign investment in real estate, the impact that environmental certification has on rent levels in downtown office buildings. Current member companies have expressed considerable interest in topics such as foreign investment, green buildings, measuring building performance, the impact of taxation on real estate, and the role of transportation on land and building values, to name just a few.

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