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2021 - 2022 Guide to Registration and Fees

Fee Payment Information for Graduate Students

Graduate students can choose to pay their fees in two ways:

Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PPL) Law students are not eligible to pay fees in installments or use the Pre-authorized Payment Plan, unless you are registered in the LLM or PhD degree in Law.


Lump sum payment due September 30th for fall term, January 10th for winter term and May 1st for summer term (Please see our 'How do I pay' page for more information)

What fees can be rolled into the PPL?

The PPL covers most fees, except transcripts, for the current academic year. Overdue balances from previous academic years must be paid separately via online banking and must be paid before you can enrol in the PPL.

How do I sign up for the PPL?

You can sign up for the PPL via SOLUS between July 1st and September 30th.

Please note that you cannot sign up for the PPL if you have an overdue debt from a previous academic year.

Under the 'Finance' tab, go to the 'other financial' drop down menu and select the 'enrol in the payment plan' sub tab. This screen allows you to select the payment plan. Follow the steps to enrol in the plan, and make sure the banking information you enter is correct. If you do not have a bank account in Canada, please leave these fields blank and fill them in once your account has been established  - at least one week before the first withdrawal.

How does the PPL work?
Once you have enrolled in the PPL, your PPL withdrawals will be taken directly from your bank account using the banking information you entered into SOLUS. Payments are taken once a month, on the 5th of the month (or next business day if the 5th is on a weekend or holiday), for a total of ten (10) payments over one year:
October February June
November March July
December April August
**The payments are NOT equal and may vary from month-to-month, with any adjustment to fees.

Some (or all) of your OSAP funding will be redirected to Queen's to apply to tuition and education related fees. At the time full-time enrolment is confirmed, Queen's will identify the amount of your OSAP to be remitted to Queen's. The amount of your OSAP to be remitted to Queen's will not exceed the value of your term tuition and fees, unless you have a balance outstanding from a previous academic term. Any remaining OSAP will be deposited to your personal bank account. Log on to your OSAP account at: and view your "Funding Summary" for details of what is being remitted to Queen's, or you can review your "Student Fee Account - Net Cost View."

If you enroll in the PPL, your OSAP payment sent to Queen’s will pay off the scheduled PPL withdrawals up to the value of the OSAP payment amount. For example, if the fall term scheduled withdrawals are $900 for October, November, December, and January and a $2000 fall disbursement of OSAP is redirected to Queen’s, the OSAP payment will pay the October and November withdrawals and $200 of the December withdrawal. In this scenario, the withdrawals from your bank account will be for $700 on December 5, 2021 and $900 on January 10, 2022.

How do I discontinue my PPL?
If you have completed your degree and need to be taken off the PPL, you must submit a form to the Office of the University Registrar. You can get the form here – – under “Fees”. If you do not submit this form, payments may still be taken out of your bank account!
Please Remember...

* Keep your monthly payment in your bank account until it’s taken out! If your payment doesn’t come out on the day you expect it to, you need to keep the right amount of money in your account for when your payment is taken.

* Review your payment schedule on SOLUS regularly! Your monthly payments may not be the same each month. Make sure you refer to your payment schedule on SOLUS regularly so you know how much money will be taken for the next payment.

* If you make a lump sum payment on your own to Queen’s, the amount will come off the next scheduled payment(s). It will not be spread out over all of your remaining payments.

          - The amount of your OSAP re-directed to Queen's will come off the next scheduled payment(s);

          - It will not spread out over all your remaining payments;

- For example, if your monthly payments to Queen’s are $500, and you make a $1000 lump sum payment to Queen’s, your next two payments will be $0 – the $1000 eliminated your first two $500 payments. Your third payment will be $500, because your $1000 lump sum payment or award has been used up.

* However, if you are assessed additional tuition or activity fees, the amount of the charges WILL be spread out over the remaining payments due so that you don’t have to cover the extra all at once.

* We know this can be confusing!  Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help..

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