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During January and February 2022, all client services are available online.  Please visit our information page for links to our eServices.

2021 - 2022 Guide to Registration and Fees

Information for Parents and Guardians

Campus help at Queens

Parents and guardians play a crucial role in the success of our students.

This page is designed to provide you with important information on your student's academic year, including dates and deadlines for various activities, as well as communications sent throughout the year.


Parental Access to Student Information

Although you may be the parent or guardian of one of our students, Ontario Government Law (FIPPA) and University Senate policy prohibits our staff from sharing academic and/or financial information about them without expressed permission.

For us to be able to speak with you about aspects of your student's records, they will first need to assign permission for you to have access.

They can do this by simply logging into their SOLUS Student Centre profile and naming you as someone we can speak with on these matters. Instructions for them to assign access in SOLUS can be found on our 'Managing Personal Information' tutorial page under 'Granting Permission to Release Personal Information'.

Once you do have permission for us to speak with you, our staff will be able to discuss registration and payment issues (613-533-6894).

Tuition and Fees

Our Tuition and Fees page provides detailed information on Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition (both Domestic and International), as well as links to Residence and Administrative Fees.

When and How to Pay

Our 'Dates and Deadlines' page outlines the various payment deadlines throughout the academic year, while our 'Payment Methods' page provides a full listing of all the currently accepted methods for paying outstanding fees.

Important dates (by Faculty / School)

The progress of your student's academic year at Queen's will follow a schedule of important dates and deadlines.

To better help your student plan their studies, as well as other activities, we invite you to review the list of dates provided on our 'Sessional Dates' page.

For specific information relating to individual Faculties and Schools, we encourage you to consult the appropriate Academic Calendar.


The scheduling and organization of examination sessions is coordinated by the Office of the University Registrar through its Exams Office.

Exam schedules for each term, including dates, times, and locations, are posted for each student in the SOLUS Student Centre when they are finalized. When this occurs, students are contacted directly via email, with further notification placed on our ‘Exam Timetables’ webpage.

For more information on examinations, including regulations and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), please visit the ‘Examinations’ section of our website.

Verification of Enrolment Forms

A Verification of Enrolment is a snapshot of a student’s current or past registration status at Queen's.  It confirms the following information:

  • their program of study
  • the number of credit units they have successfully completed
  • the number of credit units they are/were enrolled in for the academic period
  • the start and end dates of their academic period

The Verification of Enrolment form may be required for the following:

  • RESP agreement forms
  • Student Line of Credit verification of enrolment letters
  • confirmations for non-Queen’s awards (external scholarships and awards)
  • Provincial Health Care Insurance forms
  • confirmation of a student’s status to external agencies (e.g. bank, student association)

Students requiring a Verification of Enrolment may generate the form via the SOLUS Student Centre. Because it is generated from a secure site using an authorized logon protocol, a University signature and/or seal is not required.

Once printed, it can be attached to an agency’s form, and submitted to them in order to satisfy their requirements.

For more information, please visit our Verification of Enrolment page.

T2202 Income Tax Certificates

The Tuition and Enrolment Certificate, or T2202, is issued via the SOLUS Student Centre for income tax filing purposes. Students are able to secure the form by logging into their SOLUS Student Centre profile, downloading the Certificate in a PDF document, and printing it. Students must ensure that they have entered their Social Insurance Number in SOLUS.

T2202 Income Tax Certificates for the preceding Taxation Year are typically available for downloading no later than the end of February.

Our T2202 webpage provides information on assistance with your claims, when certificates will be available and how, the time period covered by the certificates, and the way in which the University calculates and reports tuition amounts.

It is important to note that our office does not offer advice on tax filing. Questions regarding the eligibility of individual claims should be directed to either the Canada Revenue Agency or a qualified professional.

Graduation / Convocation

Queen's University conducts two Convocations each year - one in the Spring (traditionally late May to mid- June) and one in the Fall (typically in mid-November).

Students planning on graduating are given a period of time to apply online via the SOLUS Student Centre. They must also indicate in SOLUS whether or not they are attending their ceremony AND if they are planning on inviting guests. If they plan on attending, they may also pre-book their hood and gown online.

Because of the seating capacity of our facilities, as well as safety regulations, all ceremonies are subject to guest seating limits (whether or not physical tickets are issued).

If we are unable to reserve enough seats to accommodate all of a graduate’s invitees, we provide a special viewing room. All ceremonies are simulcast on a large screen and no tickets or reservations are necessary.

For more detailed information, including ceremony dates and schedules, the application process, hood and gown rentals, guest seating, and photography links, please visit the Convocation / Graduation section of our website.

Messages to Students

Throughout the year, the Department of Student Affairs sends a monthly e-newsletter to all our students via their email accounts.

The newsletters contain information on upcoming dates, deadlines and activities, as well as links to websites throughout Queen's for additional information. Information in the newsletter specific to the Registrar's Office is posted on its website on the 'Messages to Students' page.