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Conferred Graduates: Bachelor of Arts

The presentation of candidates in absentia

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, Barbara Crow:

Mister Chancellor, I have the honour to request that these degrees be awarded in absentia to those whom the Senate has duly declared worthy of the honour but are not present to receive it at your hands.

Chancellor Leech:

In the name of this university and by authority of Royal Charter, I admit them to these degrees with all their rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

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Faculty of Arts and Science

List of Conferred Graduates


Art History

  • Cash,David Matthew, General in Art History
  • D'Attoma,Tessa Emily, General in Art History
  • Finn,Paris, General in Art History
  • Whetung,Celina Rose, General in Art History


Classical Studies

  • Doheny,Olivia-Xanthe Alexandra, General in Classical Studies
  • Khadr,Hussein Gamal, General in Classical Studies



  • Chapman,Sheyenne Jem, General in Computing,with Distinction with Distinction
  • Khan,Farhaj Bilal, General in Computing 
  • Latawiec,Katrina, General in Computing 



  • Walker,Kevin John, General in Drama



  • Agbapu,Nodebe,General in Economics 
  • Bauer,Patrick James Andrew, General in Economics 
  • Brecht,Arman, General in Economics 
  • Eastman,Alexander, General in Economics 
  • Elmer,Nicholas, General in Economics 
  • Fisher,Kaitlin Elizabeth, General in Economics 
  • Gu,Yuchen, General in Economics 
  • Harvey,Jonathan David, General in Economics 
  • Hwang,Sang Yun, General in Economics 
  • Jian,Yingchen, General in Economics 
  • Laskey,John James, General in Economics 
  • Lee,Brandon, General in Economics 
  • Lee,Dawn Sun-Hey, General in Economics 
  • Mandel,Sarah Alexis, General in Economics 
  • Oduor,Luann Mudenge, General in Economics 
  • Osler,Duncan Matthew, General in Economics 
  • Rasmussen,Adelaide, General in Economics 
  • Richards,Marquis Dante Kwesi, General in Economics 
  • Utting,Mathieu, General in Economics 
  • Velez,Juliana, General in Economics 
  • Wang,Junyang, General in Economics, with Distinction
  • Watson,Samuel Elijah, General in Economics 
  • Wen,Shiman, General in Economics 
  • Wong,Lok Wai, General in Economics 
  • Xu,Jie, General in Economics 
  • Xue,Liyi, General in Economics 
  • Zhang,Yi, General in Economics 


English Language and Literature

  • Bible, Marie-Anne Laurette, General in English Language and Literature
  • Da Silva, Bryan Miguel, General in English Language and Literature with Distinction
  • Giliforte, Brittany Lea,  General in English Language and Literature
  • Kehoe, Matthew, General in English Language and Literature
  • Ko, Jinsung, General in English Language and Literature
  • Liu, Nancy, General in English Language and Literature
  • Marini, Sara Christine, General in English Language and Literature
  • Shyam, Smriti, General in English Language and Literature
  • Vilaça, Connor William Orion, General in English Language and Literature with Distinction
  • Walker, Claire Dorothy Stricke, General in English Language and Literature
  • Ware, Aimee Melanie, General in English Language and Literature


Environmental Studies

  • Asllani,Klea, General in Environmental Studies 
  • Brazeau-Howes,Juliane, General in Environmental Studies 
  • Neill,Chloe Maria Sophia, General in Environmental Studies 
  • Schmid,Katrina Eva, General in Environmental Studies, with Distinction


Film and Media

  • Harris,Charles Edward, General in Film and Media
  • Jankovich,Michael James, General in Film and Media
  • Ochocinski,Noelle Brooke, General in Film and Media
  • Rudell,Zachary Ryan, General in Film and Media
  • Saunders,Keith, General in Film and Media
  • Showers,Megan Lee, General in Film and Media


French Studies

  • Leonard, Danielle Debbie, General in French Studies


Gender Studies

  • Bax-Campbell,Maddison, General in Gender Studies
  • Conner,Zoe Arjana, General in Gender Studies
  • MacLean,Philip Vaclav James, General in Gender Studies



  • Brown, William, General in Geography with Distinction
  • Burns, Riley, General in Geography
  • Deurloo, Jonathan,General in Geography
  • Whiting, Ethan,General in Geography


Geological Sciences

  • Mumal,Ali Hanif, General in Geological Sciences
  • Terrion,Richard Joseph, General in Geological Sciences


Global Development Studies

  • Adams,Robin Marian Elizabeth, General in Global Development Studies
  • Boutilier,Tammy Eileen, General in Global Development Studies
  • Callikan,Sridhar Yogish, General in Global Development Studies
  • Dolley,Shaundre Deajah, General in Global Development Studies
  • Frogley,Madeleine Bianca, General in Global Development Studies
  • Jurji,Rita, General in Global Development Studies
  • King,Yolanda Dawn, General in Global Development Studies
  • Lockhart,Laura Maria, General in Global Development Studies
  • Lorenzon,Holly Rose, General in Global Development Studies
  • Maclean,Lisbet Jane, General in Global Development Studies
  • Pettifer,Sandra, General in Global Development Studies
  • Rashiti,Adelina, General in Global Development Studies
  • Rizvi,Haaya Zainab, General in Global Development Studies
  • Sidhu,Anayat, General in Global Development Studies


Health Studies

  • Dickinson,Cassandra, General in Health Studies
  • Gibb,Valerie Lou-Anne, General in Health Studies
  • Helmer-Smith,Lily Maria, General in Health Studies
  • Hickey,Bridget Julia, General in Health Studies
  • Morton,Maggie Marie, General in Health Studies
  • Querques,Julia Maria, General in Health Studies
  • Stadler,Nicolette Myra Dolce, General in Health Studies
  • Warren,Anderson James, General in Health Studies
  • Wilson,Emily Christine, General in Health Studies



  • Alberelli, Thomas Fredrick, General in History with Distinction
  • Armstrong, Alexandra Lynn, General in History
  • Armstrong, Holly, General in History
  • Boparai, Mehtaab, General in History
  • Brown, Alia Nicole, General in History
  • Burkett, Christopher, General in History
  • Dunleavy, Gregory Philip, General in History
  • Lutz, Kyla Jane, General in History
  • Mills, Jack, General in History
  • Molony-Moore, Carly Hope, General in History
  • Reaume, Mark Leonard, General in History with Distinction
  • Roswell, Tasha, General in History
  • Seal, Claire Elizabeth, General in History
  • Zhao, Yu Chen, General in History


Liberal Studies

  • Chadwick,Shannon Elizabeth, General in Liberal Studies 
  • Giuliano,Peggy Helen, General in Liberal Studies
  • Lewis,Andrew Christopher Spencer, General in Liberal Studies
  • Malik,Shanzeh, General in Liberal Studies, with Distinction
  • Norris,Amanda Mae, General in Liberal Studies
  • Rieder,Jack Michael, General in Liberal Studies
  • Salgo,Lydia Caroline Bryk, General in Liberal Studies, with Distinction



  • Franz, Alyssa, General in Linguistics
  • Golden, Julia Alexis, General in Linguistics
  • Sun, Yunke, General in Linguistics



  • O'Donovan,Michael, General in Mathematics
  • Wu,Zhe Fan, General in Mathematics



  • Mittelholtz,Tori Jean, General in Music



  • Dawson,Alexander Lloyd,General in Philosophy
  • Fletcher, Emma Caitlin, General in Philosophy
  • Jassani,Arman Ariz, General in Philosophy
  • Khan,Malik, General in Philosophy
  • Morris,Aidan, General in Philosophy
  • Sprackman,Natalie, General in Philosophy
  • Sritharan,Suruthey, General in Philosophy
  • Yosofzai,Leeza, General in Philosophy


Political Studies

  • Aguzzi-Toker,Luca, General in Political Studies
  • Assaly,Jeremy, General in Political Studies
  • Atkinson,Samantha, General in Political Studies
  • Austin,Kassidy Nicole, General in Political Studies
  • Berg,Jacob, General in Political Studies
  • Bousada,Lindsay Kathleen, General in Political Studies
  • Dann,Rebecca, General in Political Studies with Distinction
  • De Saffel,Simren, General in Political Studies
  • Hashana,Joseph David, General in Political Studies
  • Maciel,Zachary James, General in Political Studies
  • Magalios-Schulein,Jason, General in Political Studies
  • Malik,Mehrisa Safa, General in Political Studies
  • Pegoraro,Mary, General in Political Studies
  • Poirier,Michael, General in Political Studies
  • Reynolds,Justin Daniel Ryan, General in Political Studies
  • Timmings,Connor Matthew Sydney, General in Political Studies
  • Wallace,Sebastian, General in Political Studies
  • Weinstein,Bridget, General in Political Studies



  • Beatty,Nathan,General in Psychology,with Distinction
  • Boychuk,Oleksa, General in Psychology,with Distinction
  • Chevalier,Kenelle Krystal, General in Psychology 
  • Chou,Shih-Jui, General in Psychology 
  • Cote,Zoe Isabelle, General in Psychology,with Distinction
  • Craig,Sara, General in Psychology 
  • Cusson,Brigitte, General in Psychology 
  • Dalla-Giustina,Elisa Vannessa, General in Psychology 
  • Habash,Dahlia Yasmeen, General in Psychology 
  • Joiner,Rene Maldonne Gayll, General in Psychology,with Distinction
  • Kelly,Michael John, General in Psychology 
  • Lalkovic,Nina, General in Psychology 
  • Leet,April Dawn, General in Psychology 
  • Marshall,Carley Germaine, General in Psychology,with Distinction
  • Matiss,Emils Markus, General in Psychology 
  • Mohr,Kiersten Ryan, General in Psychology 
  • Mounsey,Nicole Florence, General in Psychology 
  • Murray,Katherine Elizabeth Atwood, General in Psychology 
  • Parris-Otero,Jazmine Nicole, General in Psychology 
  • Patterson,Mandy Nicole, General in Psychology 
  • Pereira,Kienna Christine, General in Psychology 
  • Pisanu,Sarah, General in Psychology,with Distinction
  • Rodrigues,Jeremy Lionel, General in Psychology 
  • Samoyloff,Alexandra Victoria, General in Psychology 
  • Shier,Tracy Le Ann, General in Psychology 
  • Smith,Jefferson Graham, General in Psychology 
  • Surendran,Keshan, General in Psychology 
  • Swanson,Meagan Alexandria, General in Psychology 
  • Thompson,Amanda Cinderella, General in Psychology 
  • Thomson,Nicole, General in Psychology 
  • Trudel,Nathalie J, General in Psychology,with Distinction
  • Usma Lopez,Alexandra, General in Psychology 
  • Wasylenko,John, General in Psychology 
  • Wilcox,Jaidan Paul, General in Psychology 



  • Bouchard,Hailey,General in Sociology
  • Facey,Tiffany Lordis, General in Sociology
  • Griffin,Hannah Rebecca Ashley, General in Sociology
  • Lovelock,Brittany, General in Sociology
  • Newton,Hailey Rae, General in Sociology
  • Polite,Taylor Margaret, General in Sociology
  • Quick,Nadia, General in Sociology
  • Stacey,Rachelle Naomi Louise, General in Sociology
  • Whetung,Alexa Rose, General in Sociology
  • Wood,Kris-Lynn Margaret, General in Sociology


World Language Studies

  • Romanski, Alexandra, General in World Language Studies with Distinction